Ámfina is the friendship pairing of Ámbar Smith and Delfina.

Other NamesEdit

  • Delfar (Delf/ina and Ámb/ar)


Before the ShowEdit

They have been friends since before the show began.

Season 1Edit

Delfina and Ámbar, along with Jazmín, are best friends. In the first episode, they video chat while Ámbar is in Cancún. When Ámbar returns, she talks to Jazmín and Delfina about Luna.




  • Delfina can be a little bit ditzy at times, but Ámbar is very smart.
  • Delfina posts on the "Fab and Chic" blog, but Ámbar does not.


  • Gastón has said that they are very similar.


Song - TBA

Episode - TBA

Color - The Ámfina color could be white as they are both have white skating helmets.

Place - The Ámfina place could be Jam & Roller as they hang out together there, with Jazmin.


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