Alfredo Benson is a character in season 2 of Soy Luna. He is the father of Sharon and Lili Benson, and the grandfather of Luna Valente.


Alfredo is friendly , as shown when he was smiling when he met Luna for the first time. He is a free soul and forgetful. He is also very wise as he told Sharon to not dwell on the past.

Character HistoryEdit

Before the ShowEdit

At some point in his life, he had two daughters named Sharon and Lili.

Season 2Edit

When Alfredo has an accident related to his hip, he moves into the Benson House, where he quickly becomes friends with Luna, Tino, Cato, Amanda, Miguel, and Mónica. When his daughter Sharon learns that Luna is Sol Benson, he loses his mind. Alfredo also notes that Rey has an interest in Sharon, because when she left without telling him where she was going, Rey was very worried and became jealous when Alfredo mentioned that Sharon could be out with a boyfriend.




  • He is sometimes seen using a wheelchair, and other times using a walking stick.
  • He loves food, especially deserts.
  • His favorite type of cookies are chocolate chip cookies.
  • He revealed his last name was Bilder in episode 76.
  • He is Luna's Grandfather
  • He likes sleeping in.


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