Ana is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. She is portrayed by Caro Ibarra.

History Edit

Before the ShowEdit

Prior to the show, she and her husband Ricardo Simonetti got divorced. This could have been due to lifestyle issues, since Ricardo is shown to be very casual and laid-back, as well as lazy and forgetful at times, whereas Ana is the opposite.

Season 1Edit

She is the mother of Nina and is shown to worry about her a lot, especially when she's with her father. She is a very organized person who has a good career and social life. Her best friend is Mora, and she is also often in contact with her ex-husband Ricardo, but this is only for the sake of their daughter.


  • It is possible that her last name is Simonetti, since she is Nina's mother, and Nina's last name is Simonetti.
    • It is also possible that when Ana was married to Ricardo, she changed her last name to Simonetti, but this could have been reverted due to their divorce.
  • She sings the song "Corazón" with Ricardo at the second Open Music and embarrasses Nina.

Gallery Edit

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To view the Ana gallery, click here.

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