The Benson House is where the Bensons and Valentes live. The first known owners was Bernie Benson's parents. It is currently under the ownership of the Valente family.


The mansion had once belonged to Luna's late father Bernie Benson's parents, but after Bernie and Lili Benson got married, they together with Lili's older sister Sharon moved into the mansion. After an unknown amount of time, Sharon accidentally caused a house fire when she was arguing with Lili, and Lili and Bernie died in the fire. After repairing the damage, Sharon and her adoptive daughter Ámbar moved into the mansion.

After it was revealed that Luna Valente was the rightful heir of the Benson fortune and owner of the mansion, Sharon fled the country and the mansion came into the ownership of Luna and her parents. They then moved back there together with Luna's grandfather Alfredo and Ámbar.

Known rooms and spaces

  • The Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Luna's Bedroom
  • Ámbar's Bedroom
  • Cellar
  • Garage

Known but not yet shown

  • Sharon's Bedroom
  • Mónica & Miguel's Bedroom
  • Alfredo's bedroom






  • Unnamed gardener
  • Maggie (maid)
  • Rey (personal secretary)



  • At the time of Bernie and Lili's death, the house was valued at 18 million dollars, on a street where the average price of a house is 10 million dollars.[1]
  • Simón was secretly living in the cellar as he did not have a place to live.


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