Bernie Benson is Luna's late biological father and Lili's late husband.

He is portrayed by Daniel Nuñez.


Bernie has never appeared on the series, he is only mentioned and seen in photos. It has been said by Sharon that he and his wife Lili were great people. According to Alfredo, his father-in-law, he was very diligent and always worked hard to achieve his goals.

Character History

Before the show

He was married to Lili, with whom he had a daughter named Sol. Sharon, Lili's older sister was in love him but he did not feel the same for her.

Season 1 

At the beginning of Soy Luna it is revealed that Bernie and his wife Lili died in a house fire. Their daughter, Sol Benson, was the only survivor.


  • Luna dreams about him pushing her on a set of swings.
  • The name 'Bernie' means "As strong as a bear."