Blake South College is a private secondary school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


It has a very castle-like appearance from the outside. On the inside it looks like a typical private school and is somewhat old-fashioned. In the classrooms, one wall is taken up by windows, allowing a passer-by to see into the room.


Current StudentsEdit

Clubs Edit

Photography Club (2016)Edit

Theater Club (2016)Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Like most private schools in Argentina[1], the students at "Blake South College" have to wear a uniform.
    • For the boys, the school uniform consists of: navy blue blazer with the school's logo, white plaid, green and white plaid tie, and grey trousers.
    • For the girls, the school uniform consists of: navy blue blazer with the school's logo, light blue shirt, green and white plaid skirt, navy blue tie, and navy socks.
      • In season 2, the school uniform will receive an extra detail: a plaid vest under the jacket to match the skirt.[2]
  • There is a custodian named Raúl that works here.


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  2. Ana Jara and Chiara showing the new school uniform

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