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Chiara Parravicini (born June 24, 1996) is an Argentinian singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. She portrays Yam in Soy Luna.

Life and Career

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Year Title Role
2016 Soy Luna Yam

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  • Her father died in 2015.[3]
  • She's a fan of the Canadian musician Joni Mitchell.[4]
  • She and Katja Martínez are close friends.
  • She's also close friends with Ana Jara, who plays her on-screen best friend in "Soy Luna".
  • Her name, Chiara, means "Light, clear" in Italian.[5]
    • Her last name, Parravicini, is also Italian.
  • She is of Italian descent. [6]
  • She sings practically all day. [6]
  • She loves comedies and interpreting entertaining characters. [6]
  • In June 2016, she started a YouTube channel where she will sing covers of songs.[7]
  • It is possible that she speaks English, since her YouTube video descriptions have both Spanish and English translations, and she often posts in English on her Instagram.[8]
  • On June 30, 2016, her Instagram account was verified.[9][10]
  • It's possible that she has taken an IB diploma.[11]


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