Daniela is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. She is portrayed by Sol Moreno.


Before the ShowEdit

Daniela was on vacation in Mexico a year before the start of the show when she met Simón Álvarez. Simón told Luna Valente via text message that he thought Daniela was a very nice girl. Simón taught Daniela how to skate, and they did that every day until Daniela went back to Argentina. After she left, Simón became really upset and realized he had feelings for her. Luna was on vacation while Daniela was in Mexico, so she never had the chance to meet her. Daniela said she would return the next summer, but she never did.

Season 1Edit

Part 2Edit

Before meeting Daniela, Luna dreams of Daniela singing "Prófugos" with Simón. In the next episode, she is officially introduced as Simón's acquaintance. She is mean to Luna, and tells her to stay away from Simón. One day she is dancing with Simón, who's on skates, and Ámbar sees her, and invites her to join their team. Daniela refuses, and tells Ámbar that she does not skate. Despite this, Daniela decides to help Luna and Simón's team by choreographing their routine. Later, Daniela finds out that Ámbar also does not like Luna, and they "join forces." In Season 1/Episode 50, Daniela kisses Simón, and Daniela becomes Simón's girlfriend.

In Season 1/Episode 52, Daniela steals the USB drive Simón gave to Luna, to try to break the trust between them. Luna later finds out that it was Daniela that took the USB from her, and tries to tell Simón.


  • She is a dancer.


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