Flor is a recurring character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna.

She is portrayed by Thelma Fardin.


Flor is a friendly and open-minded girl.


She lived in Paris, France for a few years before the beginning of the show.

She comes to Buenos Aires to visit Matteo, her cousin, she participates with Nico, Pedro and Simón for an Open Music.

In Season 2/Episode 53, Flor returns to Buenos Aires (invited by Matteo). Gastón is surprised and happy by seeing her. They hug.

In Season 2/Episode 56, Flor and Gastón go on a date. Later, Flor leaves Argentina along with her parents.


  • She noticed that although Matteo was Ámbar's boyfriend, he had a crush on Luna.
  • She believes that it's not possible to fall in love upon seeing someone.
  • Gastón had a crush on her which made Delfi and Nina jealous.