Foodger Wheels is an international food chain with branches in New York City and Cancún.


Foodger Wheels is a fast food restaurant with a theme consisting of the colors red, yellow, and blue. All of the employees travel on skates, and serve customers in their outdoor and indoor eating areas. Some employees make home deliveries on skates as well.


Best friends Luna Valente and Simón Álvarez worked at the Cancún branch until they both moved to Buenos Aires. Luna had to quit her job when her parents got an offer for her entire family to move to Buenos Aires. Simón was fired about three days after because he used the restaurant's phone for personal use, played his guitar on the job, and was disrespectful towards the boss. Simón used his final paycheck to fly to Buenos Aires.


  • Sonic, an American fast food chain, is very similar to Foodger. Sonic's employees make deliveries on skates, and the brand's colors are also red, yellow, and blue.
  • Foodger Wheels has been a restaurant since 1961.


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