Gasfina (Gas/tón and Del/fina) is the romantic pairing between Gastón Perida and Delfina.

Other NamesEdit

  • Gastina (Gast/ón and Delf/ina)
  • Delstón (Del/fina and Ga/stón)


Season 1Edit

At the start of the series, Delfina is already shown to have a crush on Gastón, often admiring him from afar. When Jam & Roller announces their skating competition, Delfina signs them both up without asking Gastón. Gastón is initially angry at Delfina for doing this, but agrees to compete with her. They practice together and on the day of the competition, they perform "Corazón" and score a 30, placing third. Then Gastón, meets Flor, Matteo's cousin, and immediately becomes infatuated with her, often canceling training sessions with Delfina in order to be with Flor. This makes Delfina angry and jealous, and as a result, they are unprepared for the second competition and skate badly. They still manage to qualify, but they are then disqualified after Delfina kicks a poster over, damaging it. Delfina later realises that Gastón is in love with FelicityForNow, the creator of an online account, so Delfina tells him that she's Felicity in order to win his heart. They date for a while, but Gastón soon discovers the truth and breaks up with her. He later forgives her and they become friends. Both then move on; Gastón starts dating Nina, while Delfina starts dating Pedro.

Season 2Edit

In season 2, everything seems to be good with the two of them. They don't really hang out together anymore but they have a good understanding between them, although Delfina does seem to be a little jealous when Gastón sings with Nina at an Open Music. They later become roller skate partners again for the Rollerfest. During an exercise, Juliana, the new trainer, asks the pairings to say "I love you" to each other. Delfina and Gastón say it in a very awkward way, which could mean that things are still a little weird between them.



  • They both have brown eyes and hair.
  • Both live in Buenos Aires.
  • Both are Latino.
  • Both like skating.
  • Both attend Blake South College.
  • Both hang out at the Jam & Roller.
  • Both are in the photography class at Blake South College.
  • Both have dated other people (Gastón: Nina; Delfina: Pedro).


  • Gastón is a boy, Delfina is a girl.
  • Gastón likes to skate alone, while Delfina likes to skate together.
  • Delfina is best friends with Ambar while Gastón is shown to dislike her.


  • Jazmín thinks they look cute together.
  • They were partners in the skating contest.


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