Germán Tripel, (born January 15, 1980) is an Argentine actor, singer and dancer, best known for his role as Cato on the Disney Channel Original Series Soy Luna. He also recorded a song named "Tienes el Talento" as Rafa Palmer for the show Violetta.

Life and CareerEdit

Germán Tripel was born in Argentina on January 15, 1980. He is an actor, singer and dancer. He has shown an interest in music and performing arts since he was very young. On November 11, 2011, he married Florencia Otero. He is known for The Informers (2008), No hay 2 sin 3 (2004) and Popstars: Tu Show (2002). In 2008, he also portrayed Roger Davis in the Argentine production of Rent, alongside Pablo Sultani. In 2012, he portrayed Rafa Palmer on the Disney Channel Original Latin American Series Violetta. He also recorded a song for the series, called "Tienes El Talento." He is currently in a dance band called "Flowertrip" with his wife. They usually dance tango.


  • He has some tattoos.
  • He is a very good tango dancer.
  • He is one of the six cast members to have appeared on Violetta.

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