Giovanna Reynaud (born July 16, 1997) is a Mexican singer and actress. She portrays Emilia on Soy Luna.

Life and Career



Year Title Role
2016 Jungle Nest Gala
2017 - 2018 Soy Luna Emilia


  • She loves the smell of food.[1]
  • Her favorite fruit is the mango.[1]
  • What's most romantic to her is the small things, the details, like bringing flowers, chocolate or make a surprise visit.[1]
  • She would love to have a twin brother so that when they were young, they could have taken turns in going to school.[1]
  • Her favorite Disney song would be Hakuna Matata.[1]
  • In her dream house, she would have a room full of mirrors to get lost among.[1]
  • Her favorite subject in school was geography, and her least favorite was maths.[1]
  • Her favorite color is blue.[1]
  • She is happy when she can hang out with her friends and family.[1]
  • If she had a time machine, she would travel back to when the dinosaurs was alive.[1]

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