Jam (J/im and Y/am) is the friendship pairing of Jim and Yam. They are best friends.


Season 1Edit

They are best friends and have a huge passion for dancing.




  • Yam has blonde hair, but Jim has amber hair.
  • Yam is Argentine, while Jim is Spanish.


  • They are best friends. 
  • They sometimes have silly arguments, and Ramiro always gets caught in them.
  • Prior to the series, they went on vacation together and came back in episode 2.
  • They wore the same outfit for the skating competition, but the colors were switched.
  • They worked together to help with the clothes for the "Mírame a mí" music video.


Song - The Jam song could be "A rodar mi vida", since they sang it together at the first Open Music, and then again at the second one with Ramiro.

Episode - The Jam episode could be Una nueva historia, sobre ruedas, since it's the first time they're shown on the show, and it's also shown that they're best friends.

Color - The Jam color could be black, since they both wear black a lot.

Place - The Jam place could be Jam & Roller, since they hang out together there.


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