Jandino (born 1997 January 19) is an Ecuadorian YouTuber. He plays Eric Andrade on Soy Luna.


Year Job Role
2018 Soy Luna Eric Andrade
2019 BIA


  • He was bor in Ecuador, in the province of Santa Elena, but he is living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • He talks in his sleep.
  • His favourite music type is raggeaton.
  • He is addicted to food.
  • He likes dogs and he has more than 12 dogs.
  • He likes playing video games.
  • His favourite color is green.
  • His favourite food is from McDonald's, but he begun to like sushi when he moved to Argentina.
  • When he makes a video or a cover, he wants it to be 100% perfect.
  • He hasn't a favourite song, because he likes listening to many songs.
  • His worst fear is that something bad would happen to his family.
  • His biggest dream is to travel the world.
  • He always sleeps late.