Jazmón (Jaz/mín and Si/món) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Jazmín Carvajal and Simón Álvarez.

Other namesEdit

  • Simín (Sim/ón and Jazm/ín)
  • Jamón (Ja/zmín and Si/món)


Season 1Edit

Jazmín has a crush on Simón, who is oblivious to this and does not feel the same way.



  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both like to skate.
  • Both live in Buenos Aires.


  • Jazmín has red hair while Simón has brown hair.
  • Simón is Mexican while Jazmín is Argentinean.
  • Jazmín is into fashion but Simón isn't.
  • Simón used to be in a band but Jazmín wasn't.
  • Jazmín comes from a rich family and has never worked in her life, while Simón has to work for money.
  • Simón works as a waiter at Jam & Roller, while Matteo is attending school at Blake South College.



Song - The Jazmón song could be "Un destino" since Jazmín sang it for an Open Music and tried to get Simón to join. Another Jazmón song could be "Fush, ¡Te vas!" as Jazmín wrote the song's lyrics and Simón composed the melody.

Episode - The Jazmón episode could be Season 1/Episode 26, because they shared their first hug in that episode.

Place - The Jazmón place could be Jam & Roller, since Jazmín hangs out there and Simón works there.

Color - The Jazmón color could be yellow because it signifies optimism and loyalty, two of Simón's greatest qualities, and yellow is also an attention getting color, just like Jazmín who is very popular.[3] The Jazmón color could also be gold, since it signifies that you are outgoing and cheerful, which both Jazmín and Simón are.[4]


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