Jelmbar (J/azmín, D/el/fina and Á/mbar) is the friendship pairing of Jazmín Carvajal, Delfina, and Ámbar Smith.


Season 1Edit

They are best friends at the start of the series. While Ámbar is in Cancún, she is video-called by Jazmín and Delfina. They film a video for Fab and Chic together, and Jazmín and Delfina ask her about Matteo, who is away from Ámbar. When Ámbar flies back to Buenos Aires, she meets with Jazmín and Delfina, and they talk about her trip and Luna. After this, they all begin to dislike Luna.

Ámbar convinces Jazmín and Delfina to help her with her plan to get Luna to lose the assistant job at Jam & Roller. Delfina loosens the wheels on Luna's skates, while Jazmín keeps guard. Delfina has trouble loosening them, so Ámbar takes over.

Throughout the rest of Season 1, Delfina and Jazmín continue to be loyal and caring friends, despite Ámbar's cold-hearted nature. They band together to figure out who FelicityForNow is, after she threatens the group. Delfina and Jazmín also look out for Ámbar, such as when they thought Matteo was cheating on Ámbar with Luna. Jazmín and Delfina are always there to lend a hand when Ámbar needs someone to confide in.



  • They are all female.
  • They are all students at the Blake South College, and in the same grade.
  • They love singing together.
  • They all dislike Luna.
  • They all have their initials written on their skates.
  • They are all Argentine.


  • Ámbar has blonde hair, Delfina has dark brown hair, and Jazmín has red hair.
  • Ámbar and Delfina participated in the International Skating Competition, while Jazmín did not.
  • Delfina is in love with Pedro, while Jazmín and Ámbar do not like him.

Facts Edit


Song -The Jelmbar song could be "Chicas así", as they sang it together during an Open Music, and at Ámbar's birthday party.

Episode- The Jelmbar episode could be Season 1/Episode 01, since it is first shown that they are best friends in that episode. It could also be Season 1/Episode 45, because that is when they performed "Chicas así" together during an Open Music.

Color- The Jelmbar color could be green, since they were all wearing green clothes for the "Girls vs Boys" Open Music. 

Place- The Jelmbar place could be Jam & Roller, as they all hang out there together. Another place could be Blake South College, as they all go to school there.


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