Jico (Ji/m and Ni/co) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Jim and Nico.


Before the ShowEdit

It is possible that they have met before since Jim knew Pedro, Nico's best friend and Jim often hangs out at Jam & Roller, where Nico works.

Season 1Edit

When talking to Ramiro, Jim said that Nico was her partner for the skating contest. After a while, Nico agrees and they enter the skating contest together. Nico has developed a crush on Jim.

Other NamesEdit

  • Jinico (Ji/m and Nico)
  • Jimco (Jim and Ni/co)
  • Nijim (Ni/co and Jim)
  • Nim (Ni/co and Ji/m)



  • They both like to skate.
  • They are both Hispanic.
  • They both sing.
  • They both reside in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Both were, after Nico replaced Nina, on Luna's team for the Intercontinental Skating Competition.
  • Both are good friends with Luna.


  • Nico works at Jam & Roller whereas Jim only hangs out there.
  • Jim has red hair while Nico has brown hair.
  • Nico has green eyes while Jim has brown eyes.
  • Jim attends Blake South College whereas Nico does not.
  • Jim is Spanish while Nico is Argentinian.


  • They danced together in the skating contest.


Song - The Jico song could be "Invisibles" since they sang and skated to the song in the skating competition and Nico wrote the song thinking about Jim. It can also be Linda as Nico wrote it for Jim.

Episode - Their episode could be "Season 1/Episode 43", since it's the first time they go on a date.

Color - TBA

Place - The Jico place could be Jam & Roller, since Jim hangs out there and Nico works there.


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