Jimiro (Ji/m and Ra/miro) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Jim and Ramiro.

Other names

  • Jamiro (J/im R/amiro)
  • Rimena (R/amiro and J/imena)
  • Rim (R/amiro and J/im)


Before the Show

It has been shown that they have been friends for some time. It is possible that Ramiro has always been getting in between Jim's fights with her best friend, Yam.

Season 1

Jim and best friend, Yam, show Ramiro their dance and he calls them beginners, saying that their dance isn't bad.




  • Ramiro is Chilean, while Jim is Spanish.
  • Ramiro is in love with Yam, while Jim is just friends with Yam.


  • They once had an informal dance off.


Song - The Jimiro song could be "A rodar mi vida," since they both sang the song at Open Music.

Episode - The Jimiro episode could be Una nueva historia, sobre ruedas as it is shown that they are friends in that episode.

Color - The Jimiro color could be blue since they both wear it a lot.

Place - The Jimiro place could be Jam & Roller, since they both hang out there.


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