Juliana is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna.

She is portrayed by Estela Ribeiro.

Personality Edit

Juliana is very strict and cunning. She always does what she believes to be right and always wants to have the last word. She is also very sarcastic and may often seem mean and inconsiderate, especially to Luna.

History Edit

Season 2 Edit

Juliana first appears in Season 2/Episode 22, where she is introduced to the Roller Band as the new rink manager.

Trivia Edit

  • She is Brazilian.
  • The name 'Juliana' means 'Youthful'.[1]
    • This may be a joke as Juliana appears to be older.
  • She always carries a walking stick.
  • She is highly sarcastic.
  • She dislikes Nico's hairstyle.[2]
  • She chose Simón and Matteo as the leads of her team for the Roller Fest.[3]
  • She and Luna were often at odds, but got closer as the season went on.
  • Her real name is Marisa Mint.

Gallery Edit

Barra personajes soyluna 59dab628
To view the Juliana gallery, click here.

References Edit

  1. Meaning of the name 'Juliana'.

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