Lunbar (Lun/a and Ám/bar) is the frenemy pairing of Luna Valente and Ámbar Smith.


Before the ShowEdit

It is possible that they met at a young age since Luna's aunt is Ámbar's godmother/guardian.

Season 1Edit

They first met when Luna was delivering food to Ámbar, while she was in Cancún. When Luna accidentally spilled over Ámbar, Ámbar made Luna trip and fall into the pool. When Sharon, Ámbar's godmother/guardian announced that she would hire Mónica, Luna's adoptive mother, as her chef, it meant that Luna would have to move to Buenos Aires, into Ámbar's home, and they would start to attend the same school.



  • They are both girls.
  • They're both Hispanic.
  • Both attend Blake South College.
  • Both are teenagers.
  • Both do not live with their birth parents.
  • Both have feelings for Matteo.
  • Both have kissed Matteo.
  • Both have kissed Simon.


  • Ámbar's hair is blonde, but Luna's is brown.
  • Ámbar's eyes are blue, but Luna's are green.
  • Luna is Mexican, but Ámbar is Argentine.
  • Ámbar only lives with her godmother/guardian, but Luna lives with both of her adoptive parents.
  • Luna has to work, but Ámbar does not.
  • Ámbar comes from a wealthy family, and Luna comes from a working-class family.


  • Ámbar calls Luna "Lunita".
    • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, Ámbar calls Luna "Luninha".


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