"In your eyes I can see the reflection of my love for you."

Matteo to Luna, Season 2/Episode 41

Lutteo (Lu/na and Ma/tteo) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Luna Valente and Matteo Balsano.

For the off-screen pairing of Karol Sevilla and Ruggero Pasquarelli, see Ruggarol.


Season 1Edit

Part 1Edit

Luna and Matteo meet when Luna is making a Foodger Wheels delivery to the Benson House. On her way, she bumps into Matteo, who is practicing some skating moves. When Luna arrives at the house and delivers Ámbar's food by the pool, she spills hot chocolate on Ámbar's clothes after noticing Matteo at her house. Luna tries to rush out, but she is tripped up by Ámbar and falls into the pool, and Matteo jumps into the pool to pull her out.

After Luna arrives in Buenos Aires, Matteo jokingly asks her if she is following him. At that time, Matteo refers to her as 'chica delivery' (delivery girl), and Luna calls him 'chico fresa', a Mexican expression for a show-off. Even though Matteo is Ámbar's boyfriend, he constantly flirts with Luna. Matteo wants everyone to think that Luna is just another girl, but his friend Gastón is convinced that he has strong feelings for her, which is true. One day, Matteo boasts that he can get any girl that he wants, so Gastón challenges him to a bet; Matteo has to get Luna to fall in love with him.

At Blake South College, the students are given the opportunity to choose an extracurricular activity. Ámbar wants to be in photography, and also wants Matteo to be in the same class, but he has other plans. Luna chooses theater class, so Matteo chooses theater too, disregarding Ámbar's wishes. For the first assignment, they are put in a pair together and have to imitate each other. As they are performing, Luna stumbles and falls on Matteo, and they almost kiss.

During Open Music, Matteo is left without a partner and invites Luna to sing with him. Luna declines, but Matteo goes up on stage and invites Luna again, this time in front of everyone. The audience encourages Luna to sing with Matteo, and she eventually accepts. In a last-ditch attempt to get out of performing, Luna tells Matteo that she doesn't know the lyrics, but he presents her with a copy of them on a slip of paper. They finally perform "Prófugos" together, much to Matteo's delight.

In episode 40 of season 1, Luna and Matteo participate in the international roller skating contest together, and end up sharing their first real kiss.

Part 2Edit

After Luna and Matteo kiss, their friendship changes. When Gastón takes Matteo out to meet new girls, Matteo only flirts with Luna. When she rejects him, he leaves.

They are paired together for the Random Open with Simón. Matteo keeps Luna's surprise for Simón a secret. Matteo doesn't participate in the Open because it was going to be her last Open with Simón.

Matteo joins Luna's intercontinental team, and he asks her to help him demonstrate the steps. They stare at each other until Ámbar walks in, ruining the moment. Luna tries to convince Matteo to join Ámbar's team, to prevent drama, and he decides to think about it. He cheers on Luna after she tries to convince Ámbar to help them convince Tamara. He drags her out in the rink to dance.

Matteo gets jealous after seeing Luna and Simón hug, so he joins Ámbar's team. After Matteo's team won the spot at the intercontinental competition, he almost goes after Luna to cheer her up, but Simón beats him to it. After Luna starts to have romantic feelings for Simón, Matteo gets back with Ámbar to try and forget Luna.

When Matteo finds out Luna and Simón are dating, he starts acting rude to Luna whenever she talks to him. They start to return to normal, and skate together after Luna asks him why he's so rude to her, he tells her he had a bad day.

While Luna is in the rink one day, Matteo tries to do a flip to impress her. He falls on purpose, and says that it's her turn to help him. She pulls him up, and they seem to almost kiss until Simón walks in.

When Luna is unsure if she should join the Intercontinental team, Matteo says that they need her on the team because she's one of the best skaters at Jam & Roller. When Simón finally agrees to join the team, Luna calls him her friend again, making Matteo smile.

After Luna and Simón break-up, Matteo and Luna start to warm up to each other again. Matteo tells Luna that he's returning to Italy with his father, so they decide to perform together in the last Open Music of the year. Simón begins to come to terms with Luna being in love with Matteo, so he tries to convince Matteo that Luna is in love with him. At the end of Season 1/Episode 80, Luna and Matteo share their second kiss right before Matteo leaves to return to Italy.

Season 2Edit

Part 1Edit

During the summer, Luna and Matteo contacted each other often, and talked with each other through video calls. When summer was almost over Matteo started to ignore Luna's messages and calls, which she found weird and made her anxious. In Season 2/Episode 01 he sent her a message saying things had changed and that everything now was different. In the next episode, Luna finally sees Matteo again, walking down the stairs at Blake, he saw her and they stared at each other for a moment before Matteo walked away. Later that day they mert again in a park, and Matteo break breaks up with Luna. Some time later Matteo realizes how hard it is to stay away from Luna, and he starts faking a relationship with Fernanda, a member of "Adrenaline", to distance himself from her and make her forget about him. On the day for the recording of the choreography for entering the competition, Matteo's dad prevents him from getting there in time, severely disappointing Luna. Matteo later gets very gets jealous of Sebastian Villalobos's new closeness to Luna. After Sebastian leaves Luna finds out that Matteo and Fernanda faked their relationship and gets furious. Fernanda left on tour with "Adrenaline" after Matteo and Ramiro left the group. During the eliminatory competition Matteo decides, after Luna refusing to forgive him, to declare his love for her in front of everybody and then sing a song he had written for her. Luna smiles and runs over to watch it and they share a moment during the song. When the song ended Matteo tries to come over to Luna, but reporter flock around him and he can't get past them. Luna's phone rings and when call cuts she soon runs away, Nina and Matteo chasing after her. Luna runs over a road, when a car at high speed comes towards her.

Other names

  • Luntteo (Luna and Matteo)
  • Lunatteo (Luna and Matteo)
  • Matuna (Mat/teo and L/una)
  • Sotteo (So/l and Ma/tteo)
  • Matteol (Matte/o and S/ol)



  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both have a passion for skating.
  • Both are teenagers.
  • Both reside in Buenos Aires.
  • Both attend Blake South College.
  • Both have nicknames for each other.
  • Both have a relationship with Ámbar (Matteo is her ex-boyfriend and Luna is her rival).
  • Both have a relationship with Simón (Luna is his ex-girlfriend and Matteo is his rival).
  • Both are talented singers.
  • Both were in the acting class at Blake South College.
  • Both have worked at the Jam & Roller.


  • Matteo has a good relationship with Ámbar, while Luna does not..
  • Matteo has brown eyes, and Luna has green eyes.
  • Luna has a good relationship with Simón, while Matteo does not.
  • Luna is Argentinean (although raised in Mexico) and Matteo is Italian.
  • Luna is a year younger than Matteo.


  • Matteo helped Luna do her math and chemistry homework.
  • Luna was jealous when Ámbar kissed Matteo.
  • Luna had a dream where she and Matteo were skating, and then Matteo almost kissed her.
  • Luna's first kiss was with Matteo.
  • Matteo first admitted he was in love with Luna in Season 1/Episode 51.
  • Matteo wrote the song "Siento" for Luna but she doesn't know it was for her. [1]
  • While skating at the park, Matteo was thinking about Luna, even though he was with Ámbar at the time.
  • They sang a song called "Qué más da" together.[2]
  • Luna had a dream where she kissed Simón, but he turned into Matteo.
  • Luna had another dream, where she is skating with Simón. Matteo skates up and grabs her hand making her smile. Simón takes her other hand, making Luna let go of Matteo's, who gets pulled away by Ámbar.
  • Luna told Matteo that she loves him in Season 1/Episode 80.
  • Matteo told Luna about his feelings for her in Season 1/Episode 78.
  • Karol Sevilla prefers this couple over Lumón.[3]
  • Ruggero Pasquarelli likes this couple as well.[4]
  • At the end of Season 1, this was the couple the fans wanted most.[5]
  • Their best friends are dating each other.
  • Their ship name (Lutteo) was confirmed on the official Soy Luna Facebook Page, and was later used multiple times in Season 2 to describe the couple within the show.[6]


Song - The Lutteo song is "Prófugos," since they sang it together at Jam & Roller. The Lutteo song could also be "Alas," since they skated to it together at the International Skating Competition. The Lutteo song could also be "Qué más da" because they wrote it together, and sang it in a Open Music.

Episode - The Lutteo episode is Season 1/Episode 40, as they share their first kiss in this episode. The Lutteo episode could also be Season 1/Episode 80, as that is when they share their second kiss, and confess their feelings for each other. It could be also Season 2/Episode 42, as they shared their third kiss, and officially start dating as a couple.

Color - The Lutteo color is red, because Luna has two names: Luna and Sol. When the day becomes night (when the sun (Sol) becomes the moon (Luna)) the refraction of light coming from the sun makes the sky red. Matteo makes Luna change, so red is the color for them. Red is also the color of love, the emotion that occurs between Luna and Matteo.

Place - The Lutteo place could be in Cancún Mexico, where they first bumped into each other. It could also be the rooftop where they kissed and confessed their feelings for one another for the first time.


Season 1Edit

Season 1/Episode 01

Matteo: Maybe you wanted to bump into me.
Luna: What are you saying? I'm not interested in bumping into you.
Matteo: Are you sure? Many girls are interested.
Luna: Really? Why?

Matteo: Look at me.

Season 1/Episode 80

Luna: I don't want to lose you.

Matteo: Neither do I.
Luna: [to Matteo] Whenever we're together, I feel like there's a thousand of shining stars around us. I love you so much Matteo. No distance can change what I feel for you.

Matteo: I'm going to miss you, Chica Delivery.

Luna: I'll miss you too, Chico Fresa.

Season 2Edit

Season 2/Episode 41

Matteo: [to Luna] In your eyes I can see the reflection of my love for you.


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