María Luz Cipriota (born September 6, 1985), known professionaly as Luz Cipriota, in a Argentine actress and model. She portrays Tamara in Soy Luna

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  • She was in El burdel de Paris, along with costar Rodrigo Pedreira.
  • Her name is Spanish for 'Light'.
  • She has been featured in an Italian movie named "Onda su onda" (Wave upon wave).
  • She has a YouTube account and Vimeo account where she posts her demo reels.
  • She had to dye her hair for a role in a television series named 2091 and has continued to dye it, so she has to wear a wig to play the role of Tamara in the second season of Soy Luna.[1]
  • She has a niece named Mimi and a nephew named Agustín.[2][3]
  • She also has a goddaughter named Alma.[4]


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