Matteo Balsano is a main character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. He is one of Luna's two love interests and Ámbar's ex-boyfriend.

He is portrayed by Ruggero Pasquarelli.

Personality Edit

Although Matteo is very cocky at times, he is shown to be goodhearted and helps with other people's problems. He is also usually arrogant, but this is a mask to hide his nicer and romantic side, which he often shows when talking to Luna.

Initially he was on Ámbar's side, but when he realizes her true character they break up and he moves to complete his mission - to start a relationship with Luna.

It could be assumed that Matteo is just cocky for show, but he is actually extremely intelligent, and carefully plans before attacking. This is shown when Luna thought she got a D on a test and Matteo quickly approached her in a time of sadness and touched her heart.


Season 1Edit

Part 1Edit

At the start of the season he is dating Ámbar Smith. He is the son of diplomats and moves around a lot, and as a result, he doesn't want to get too close to anyone, so his only friend is Gastón Perida. After meeting Luna Valente, he makes a bet with Gastón to win Luna's heart. Matteo is often mean to Simón Álvarez because he is jealous of him. At the end of the first part, Matteo kisses Luna.

Part 2Edit

After the kiss, Matteo changes a lot. He stops flirting with other girls and focuses all of his attention on Luna. After a while, Matteo admits to Gastón that he is in love with Luna, and he writes her the song "Siento."



Gastón PeridaEdit

Best Friend
See: Mattón


Gastón is Matteo's only friend, since Matteo moves around a lot and has little time to get to know people. Gastón and Matteo made a bet that he could get Luna to fall in love with him after Matteo was bragging about how he could get any girl. If he fails on winning Luna's heart, Matteo would have to buy Gastón new roller skates.


Simón ÁlvarezEdit

See: Sitteo

Simatteo (7)

Simón and Matteo are rivals as they both want to win Luna's heart. Matteo gets jealous of Simón because he is so close to Luna. For the International Skating Competition, they had to sleep in the same room.


Ámbar SmithEdit

See: Ámtteo

Ambeo (3)

Ámbar was Matteo's girlfriend. Ámbar would often get jealous of how close Matteo was to Luna. They have sung both "Prófugos" and "Mírame a mí" together. In part 2 of Season 1, Matteo started to further develop his feelings for Luna, but Luna wanted to be with Simón, so Matteo got back together with Ámbar. Ámbar eventually broke up with Matteo when she realized that he had changed. She no longer wanted to be with Matteo since she thought he had become a loser.

Luna ValenteEdit

See: Lutteo

Luna does not like having Matteo flirt with her. But without knowing his secret crush on her, Luna cares about Matteo, just like he cares about her. But Matteo does not want anybody to notice it. In Season 1/Episode 12, Matteo almost kissed Luna, after she accidently poured some juice on his t-shirt. Afterwards, he returned the favor, and with a straw, he poured some on her face. They kissed in Season 1/Episode 40. They used to get along well, but after the kiss, Matteo and Luna's friendship changed. In Season 1/Episode 75, they sang "Qué más da."


  • He is Italian.
  • Luna calls him "Chico Fresa", and when Nina asks her what "Fresa" means, Luna describes it as an arrogant and conceited person.
  • It is possible that he is 17 years old at the beginning of the show, since Luna is 16, and she is in the year below him at school.
  • His memory is excellent.
  • The name 'Matteo' means 'Gift of God'.
  • He wrote "Siento", "Princesa" and "Allá Voy" for Luna.
  • He was originally in the photography club with Ámbar, Delfina, Jazmín, Nina, and Gastón, but later changed his mind and joined theater to be close to Luna.
  • He hates the Underwheels.
  • He is the tallest of all the boys.


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