Michaentina (Micha/el and Val/entina) is the real-life friendship pairing of Michael Ronda and Valentina Zenere.

They are really close friends and spend a lot of time together, both on-set and off-set.

For the pairing in the series of Simón Álvarez and Ámbar Smith, see Simbar.

Other NamesEdit

  • Michaeltina (Michael and Valen/tina)
  • Malentina (M/ichael and V/alentina)



  • Both speak Spanish fluently.
  • Both have nicknames (Valentina: Valu; Michael: Mike).
  • Both have a sister.[1][2]
  • Both are a main character on Soy Luna.
  • Both appeared in other shows before Soy Luna.
  • Both are good friends with Jorge López and Agustín Bernasconi.


  • Michael is Mexican while Valentina is Argentinean.
  • Michael was born in 1996 while Valentina was born in 1997.
  • Michael has brown hair while Valentina has blonde hair.
  • Michael has brown eyes while Valentina has blue eyes.
  • Michael has a YouTube channel but Valentina does not.[3]
  • Valentina had to learn how to skate for Soy Luna but Michael already knew how to skate before Soy Luna.[4]

Facts Edit

  • Michael is one of Valentina's best friends on set.[5]
  • Michael once kissed Valentina on the cheek.[6]
  • They were part of a photo shoot for Dolores Gortari.[7]
  • Ruggero Pasquarelli and his girlfriend, Candelaria Molfese, once posted, on their Youtube channel, a video of them with Michael and Valentina, and titled it "Michaentina vs Ruggelaria", confirming Michael and Valentina's ship name.[8]

Gallery Edit

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To view the Michaentina gallery, click here.

References Edit

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