Migónica (Mig/uel and M/ónica) is the romantic pairing of Miguel Valente and Mónica Valente. They are married.


Before the ShowEdit

Although very little details have been revealed about Miguel and Mónica's early relationship, it is known that they got married several years before the show began. Sometime after their marriage, they adopted a child by the name of Sol Benson, who had been left on a doorstep by an unknown man. They renamed her "Luna", and raised her in their home in Cancún, Mexico.

Season 1Edit

Miguel introduces Sharon to Mónica, who cooks for her. Sharon wants Mónica and her family to move to Buenos Aires to work for her permanently, much to Luna's displeasure.



  • Both have brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Both are Mexican.
  • Both live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Both are Luna's adoptive parents.
  • Both work for the Benson family.
  • Both are friends with Amanda.


  • Mónica is a chef, while it is unknown what Miguel works as.
  • Miguel is male, but Mónica is female.


  • They are married.


Song - The Migónica song could be "Eres", since they sing it together in Season 1/Episode 33.[1]

Episode - The Migónica could be Una nueva historia, sobre ruedas, since they hug in that episode.

Color - The Migónica color could be blue, since they both wear blue a lot.

Place - The Migónica place could be the Benson House since they both live and work there.


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References Edit


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