Pedrico (Pedr/o and N/ico) is the friendship pairing of Pedro and Nicolás.

They are best friends and they are also in a band with Simón.


Season 1

Nico and Pedro were already best friends before their meeting with Simón. It is unknown when and where they first met, but it is possible that they met at Jam & Roller, since they both work there, Pedro as a waiter and Nico as the manager of the skating rink. After performing with Simón at an Open Music, they decide to form a band with him which they call Roller Band. Nico and Pedro trust each other, which is why they often confide in each other.

Season 2

Pedro and Nico both develop a crush on a girl named Eva, the new voice of the Roller Band, and begin fighting as they both want to win her heart. However, unbeknownst to them, Eva actually has a twin sister, Ada, who impersonated Eva as both of the girls wanted to be part of the Roller Band. When the twins' deceit comes to light in Season 2/Episode 39, Nico and Pedro get into a fight and while trying to stop them, Simón gets injured. They later realize their mistake and apologize to each other. They share a hug and become friends again.



  • Both are Argentinean.
  • They both work at Jam & Roller.
  • They live in the same apartment.
  • Both are goodhearted.
  • Both are close friends with Simón.
  • Both have dated someone (Pedro: Delfina; Nico: Jim).


  • Pedro has hazel eyes while Nico has green/blue eyes.
  • Pedro has dark brown hair while Nico's hair is light brown.
  • Nico likes to skate and is an experienced skater but Pedro does not consider himself to be a good skater.


  • They are best friends.
  • They were in a band with Simón.
  • They were aware that Simón was in love with Luna.
  • They comforted Simón after his breakup with Luna.
  • Their fight over Eva led Simón to leave the band.


Song - The Pedrico song could be either "Un Destino", "Invisibles", "Linda", "Pienso" or "Alzo Mi Bandera" as they, along with Simón, wrote and performed those songs together. Additionally, they have sung "Valiente" with Simón.

Episode - The Pedrico episode could be Season 1/Episode 01 as they were shown to be friends in that episode.

Color - The Pedrico color could be brown as they both have brown hair.

Place - The Pedrico place could be the apartment where they live in. The Pedrico place could also be Jam & Roller as they both work there.


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