Pedrina (Pedr/o and N/ina) is the friendship pairing of Pedro and Nina Simonetti.


Before the ShowEdit

It is possible that they had met, or at least seen each other, prior to the series since Nina is seen reading in Jam & Roller during Ámbar, Delfina and Jazmín's video chat.

Season 1Edit

Pedro follows FelicityForNow's posts, which are revealed to be Nina's. Pedro later agrees to do an interview with Nina, but it is put off by Jam & Roller being extremely busy. Later, Gastón uses an account under the name "RollerTrack" to talk to FelicityForNow. While talking to her, he reveals that he is in Jam & Roller while Nina looks up and finds Pedro. When asked, Pedro pauses before answering that it is him, slightly confused.



  • They both feel invisible at times.
  • They are both Argentinean.
  • Both have a best friend (Nina: Luna; Pedro: Nico).
  • Both are good friends with Simón.


  • Nina has brown hair, but Pedro has black hair.
  • Pedro has hazel eyes, while Nina has green eyes.
  • Nina had stage fright, which she eventually overcame, while Pedro has never had it.
  • Pedro is a male, but Nina is a female.
  • Nina attends Blake South College while Pedro works full-time at Jam & Roller.


  • They are good friends.


Song - The Pedrina song could be Invisibles, since they both often feel invisible.

Episode - The Pedrina episode could be Un regreso a la competencia, sobre ruedas, since Nina finds out that Pedro likes her posts.

Color - The Pedrina color could be white, because white is often related to invisibility, and they both often feel invisible.

Place - The Pedrina place could be Jam & Roller, since Nina hangs out there and Pedro works there.


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