Pelfi (Pe/dro and De/lfi) is the romantic pairing between Pedro and Delfina.

Other NamesEdit

  • Pedrona (Pedro and Delfi/na)
  • Pedrina (Pedr/o and Delf/ina)
  • Pedrelfi (Pedr/o and D/elfi)
  • Pedfina (Ped/ro and Del/fina)
  • Delfidro (Delfi/na and Pe/dro)
  • Delpedro (Del/fina and Pedro)


Season 1Edit

At the very beginning of Season 1, it is shown that Pedro is just a server in Delfina's eyes, and she doesn't show any signs of caring for him. However, due to Pedro's good nature, he starts talking to Delfina about her problems with Gastón. Pedro even tries to help Delfina make Gastón jealous in Season 1/Episode 15, but Gastón doesn't notice and it fails. For the rest of Part 1, they continue to warm up to each other, and become friends. When Part 2 begins, Jazmín notices how Delfina and Pedro are when they are around each other. Jazmín asks Delfina if she likes Pedro, which she denies nervously, indicating that she might be developing a crush on Pedro. Delfina begins to notice little things about Pedro, and eventually asks him to be on her skating team.



  • Both can sometimes feel invisible.
  • They both have had trouble with love.
  • They are both Argentine.
  • Both had a different love interest before they started dating (Pedro: Tamara; Delfina: Gastón).


  • Pedro has hazel eyes, but Delfina has brown eyes.
  • Delfina has dark brown hair, but Pedro has brown hair.
  • Pedro is in a band, but Delfina isn't.
  • Delfina attends Blake South College, but Pedro does not.


  • Pedro talks to Delfina a lot and she explains how she is having trouble in love, and he helps her.
  • Pedro thinks Delfina is a bad person when she is around her friends.
  • Pedro encourages Delfina to be a good person, and to not let herself be controlled by Ámbar.


Song - The Pedrelfi song could be "Invisibles," since Pedro sings a part of that song and Delfina often feels invisible to Gastón.

Episode - The Pelfi episode could be 60 Season 1/Episode 60, because Delfi confesses that she loves Pedro.

Place - The Pelfi place is Jam & Roller, as they usually meet there, and hang out there.

Color - TBA


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