Play Luna was a competition based on the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. The competition involved singing, dancing, skating, and many other talents.


On May 17, 2016, Disney Channel Spain released a video on their official YouTube account entitled "Soy Luna | Vlog Lu de Luna: Llega un concurso de Soy Luna" (Arrives a contest of Soy Luna). It was another installment of "Vlog Lu de Luna," a companion vlog posted on the Disney Channel Spain YouTube channel regularly. Lu, the star of the vlog, announced that a contest would be created for Soy Luna. This contest would be similar to its predecessors La Gira: Luces, cámara, acción, My Camp Rock, and Hannah Montana: ¡Luces, cámara, acción!. The contest was held in Spain and participants had to be legal residents of Spain.


The contest is separated into four categories: singing, dancing, skating, and "free." Contestants must film their entries in groups of one to five and submit their videos on the Play Luna website. Contestants may enter as many times as they like in as many categories as they would like. The contest is available to those living in the Spanish territory between the ages of six and fourteen.

Singing and Dancing

If the contestant is entering the singing or dancing category, between June 8 and July 30, they can sing or dance to "Prófugos" or "Eres." Between July 4 and July 23, contestants can sing or dance to "Invisibles" or "Mírame a mí." Finally, across the entire contest, from June 8 to July 23, contestants can enter with the songs "Alas", "Valiente", or "Sobre ruedas." Originally "Invisibles" and "Mírame a mí" were not available as options, and "Prófugos" and "Eres" were available for the run of the entire competition. An amendment to the rules on July 1, 2016 changed the rules to the way they are currently. The final video can be up to 90 seconds long.


Contestants participating in the skating category are not required to skate to one of the available songs. The only requirement in this category is to wear protective gear, most importantly a helmet. The final video can be up to 90 seconds long.


Entrants of the free category must submit a video with the theme of "What inspires Luna?" This category includes any talent not included in any other category, for example: magic tricks, crafts, cooking, playing an instrument, or telling jokes. Any talent is acceptable as long as it ties back to Soy Luna. The final video can be up to 160 seconds long.


One entry will be chosen as the winner, and three others will be chosen as alternates. The winner will receive a four day, four night trip to Argentina to watch the filming of Soy Luna, including transportation to Argentina, transportation to the filming set, and the hotel room.


  • The contest is titled "Play Luna" because in English play has many meanings: jugar (to play a sport or game), tocar (to play an instrument), and interpretar (to play a character).
  • Disney Channel Latin America/Spain Competitions:
Year Name Winner
2009 My Camp Rock Lucía Gil
Hannah Montana: ¡Luces, cámara, acción! Franchesca Maia
2010 My Camp Rock 2 Ana Mena
2011 Shake It Up: ¡Vamos a bailar! Breaking Ice
2013 La Gira: Luces, cámara, acción Elena Alberdi
2015 Violetta. Tu sueño, tu música Marina Orta
2016 Play Luna TBA