Reinaldo "Rey" is a character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. He is portrayed by Rodrigo Pedreira.


Rey is a loyal and hardworking man. He often acts mean and overly serious. Rey can also be a big blackmailer, and an overall miserable person. Despite Rey's steadfast loyalty, he can tell when he or someone else is crossing the line. When Ámbar Smith's actions are obviously harming someone to the extreme, Rey will step in and notify Sharon.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

Part 1Edit

Rey arrives in Cancún with Sharon Benson and Ámbar Smith. When he is introduced to the Valentes, he claims he is Sharon's assistant, but Sharon quickly corrects him, and says he is her personal secretary. Later, Rey and Sharon find out that Sharon's niece, Sol, who was previously presumed dead, might still be alive. Rey is then given the task of finding her as quickly as possible.


  • Rey is the Spanish word for "king".[1]
  • In the UK dub, he will be voiced by Ryan Laughton. [2]


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