Ricna (Ric/ardo and A/na) is the romantic/family pairing of Ricardo Simonetti and Ana.


Season 1Edit

They were married, but they got divorced. They have one daughter named Nina.



  • They're both Nina's parents.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • Both are adults.
  • Both are residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • Ana has light brown hair, but Ricardo has dark brown hair.
  • Ricardo loves to eat pizza, but Ana does not.
  • Ricardo wears glasses, while Ana does not.
  • Ricardo's style is very casual, but Ana's is more formal.


Trademarks Edit

Song - The Ricna song could be Corazón as they sang it together in Season 1/Episode 18.[1]

Episode - The Ricna episode could be Season 1/Episode 18 as they sang together in that episode.[1] The Ricna episode could also be Season 2/Episode 21 as they kiss in that episode.[2]


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References Edit

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