Rondarelli is real.

— Ruggero via Twitter

Rondarelli (Michael Ronda and Ruggero Pasqua/relli) is the real-life friendship pairing of Michael Ronda and Ruggero Pasquarelli.

For the pairing in the series of Simón Álvarez and Matteo Balsano, see Sitteo.

Other Names Edit

  • Ruggichael (Rugg/ero and M/ichael)
  • Ruggael (Rugg/ero and Mich/ael)
  • Michero (Mich/ael and Rugg/ero)
  • Miggero (Mi/chael and Ru/ggero)
  • Ruggike (Rugg/e and M/ike)
  • Ruggeronda (Rugge/ro Pasquarelli and Michael Ronda)

Trivia Edit

Similarities Edit

  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both were born in September.
  • Both speak Spanish fluently.
  • Both have a younger brother.[1][2]
  • Both have nicknames (Michael: Mike; Ruggero: Rugge).
  • Both are a main character in Soy Luna.
  • Both appeared in other shows before Soy Luna.
  • Both have a YouTube channel.[3][4]
  • Both have made covers with their co-star, Agustín Bernasconi, which have been uploaded on Agustín's YouTube channel.[5]
  • Both appeared on a radio show named Media Pila, which is hosted by their co-star, Gastón Vietto.

Differences Edit

  • Michael is Mexican while Ruggero is Italian.
  • Michael was born in 1996 while Ruggero was born in 1993.
  • Ruggero had to learn how to skate for Soy Luna but Michael already knew how to skate before Soy Luna.[6]
  • Ruggero has worked with Disney before Soy Luna but Michael has not.

Facts Edit

  • Unlike their characters in Soy Luna, they are close friends.
  • Michael's father, Davide Ronda was born in Italy and so was Ruggero.[1]
  • Ruggero once retweeted a photo of himself and Michael, and captioned it with "Rondarelli is real", confirming their ship name.[7]
  • Ruggero once posted a photo of himself and Michael, and captioned it with the ship name "Sitteo" which is their ship name in Soy Luna.[8]
  • Michael once posted a photo of Ruggero and captioned it with "Love you bro".[9]
  • Ruggero and his girlfriend, Candelaria Molfese, once posted, on their YouTube channel, a video of themselves with Michael and Valentina Zenere, titled "Michaentina vs Ruggelaria".[10]

Quotes Edit

Michael: [via Twitter] I love you brother.[11]
Michael: [via Instagram] How I love you bro!
Ruggero: [via Instagram] #Sitteo.[12]
Michael: [via Facebook] Love you bro.[13]
Ruggero: [via Twitter] Rondarelli is real.[14]
Ruggero: [via Instagram Stories] I hate you @michaelronda.
Michael: [via Instagram Stories] Siteo is real.
Ruggero: [via Instagram Stories] Sitteo 4 ever.
Ruggero: [via Instagram] Who would have imagined that one day we'd be such good friends! Happy birthday @michaelronda. I love you a lot! May our friendship never end, or else where would I find someone [else] who makes me laugh so much?[15]

Gallery Edit

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To view the Rondarelli gallery, click here.

References Edit

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