Ruggesconi (Rugge/ro Pasquarelli and Agustín Berna/sconi) is the real-life pairing of Ruggero Pasquarelli and Agustín Bernasconi.

For the pairing in the series of Matteo Balsano and Gastón Perida, see Mattón.

Other namesEdit

  • Rugus (Rug/gero and Ag/us)



  • They both have brown hair and brown eyes.
  • They both have a YouTube channel.
  • They have both acted before Soy Luna.
  • They are both good friends with Michael Ronda and Maxi Espindola.


  • Ruggero is in a relationship, Agustín is not.
  • Agustín uses his YouTube channel for music, while Ruggero uses his for tags with his girlfriend.
  • Ruggero has worked with Disney before Soy Luna, but Agustín has not.
  • Ruggero was born in Città Sant'Angelo, Italy, and Agustín was born in Córdoba, Argentina.


  • They have confirmed their ship name multiple times.[1][2][3]
  • Ruggero has said that Agustín is his best friend from Argentina.[4]
  • They have made several covers on YouTube together, alongside with Maxi Espindola.


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