Episode 02, also known as Una nueva historia, sobre ruedas (A New Story, On Wheels), is the second episode of the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. It aired on March 15, 2016 in Latin America.


Luna and her parents now live in the villa with their employer in Buenos Aires. Luna applies to be an assistant at the local roller skating rink, but she fails the skate test, because Ámbar and her friends tampered with her roller skates.


Luna goes to the Jam & Roller, and she realizes that Jam & Roller was the location of her dream. She meets Nico, who tells her that she can feel free to skate. As she does so, she bumps into Matteo

At the Benson house, Luna's parents are worried about her and her whereabouts. When she returns, Luna and her parents discuss her brief disappearance, but Luna doesn't tell them the truth. She texts Simón to tell him that she got a new phone number. Simón ends up calling her, and they talk for some time, until Simón's boss comes and interrupts them. Simón sends Luna a sample of the song "Valiente".

The next morning, Miguel spots a photo of a couple. Sharon tells him to put the photo down, because it's "something personal". Later on, Amanda, the maid, reveals that it's Sharon's sister and brother-in-law, and that they've passed away. 


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Paula Kohan and Ezequíel Rodríguez were absent.

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