Episode 05, also known as Un amor, sobre ruedas (A Love, On Wheels), is the fifth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. It aired on March 18, 2016 in Latin America.


To find out how much Nina has heard of their conversation, Ámbar, Delfina, and Jazmín flatter her, hoping for a confession. Jim and Yam prepare, at the last minute, their outfits for Open Music, but then coffee is spilled on one of the outfits.


The episode continues where the previous episode ended, with Luna finding the letter that Tino and Cato had left on the gate. Confused, she looks at it until her father comes back and she gets in the car. Tino and Cato step forward, happy with themselves. In celebration, they attempt to high five each other, failing numerous times.

Ámbar, Jazmín, and Delfina are showing Nina the earrings she lost. Nina attempts to take them, but Ámbar snatches them back. Nina starts talking about physics, distracting Ámbar. Nina takes the earrings back and puts them on, much to the girls' displeasure. Jazmín insults the earrings by saying that they are plastic, so Nina puts them in her locker, walking away from the girls. Although Jazmín seems quite happy with herself, Ámbar and Delfina are not.

Sharon is with a man. They are talking about Lili, her sister. Amanda walks in while the man is flirting with Sharon and announces something. They then leave the room after Amanda.

Luna comes home from Jam & Roller and walks into the kitchen, where her mother is making something. She talks about how great her day was and about Nico. Her mother looks worried, until Luna explains who Nico is. Mónica drops an egg shell into the pot and they both laugh about it. Luna then talks about Pedro in the same way she spoke about Nico.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Paula Kohan and Caro Ibarra were absent.

Recurring Cast

  • Andrea Lovera as Head of the Retirement Home
  • Alejandro Aguirrebent as The Deputy

Guest Cast

  • Ricardo Tamburrano
  • Marisa Viotti as Literature Professor

Songs Featured


  • Simón arrived in Buenos Aires.


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