Episode 22, also known as Un regreso a la competencia, sobre ruedas (A Return to the Competition, on Wheels) is the twenty-second episode of the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. It aired on April 12, 2016.


Luna is distraught after being eliminated from the skating competition, but will a twist of fate change things?


Luna and Simón think that Miguel has discovered their secret, but luckily he doesn't realise the truth, and they stay out of trouble - for now.

Mónica tries to get information about Roberto from Cato and Tino, but they evade her questions and don't tell her anything other than his name.

Mónica then comforts Luna after she is eliminated from the skating competition, saying that her dream isn't over. She tells her a heartfelt story about how having a daughter was her dream, and how Luna has changed her life.

Jim gives Ramiro's phone back, and tells him that she saw the video he took. Ramiro gets worried, but Jim reassures him and says she liked it. She promises to keep it a secret, but doesn't realise that the video was about Yam. Meanwhile, Ricardo tries his hand at skating, with mixed results.

Gastón and Nina are put into a pair together for their photography class, much to Delfina's dismay, but Ámbar reassures her, telling her that Nina is no competition. Meanwhile, back at the Benson house, Mónica tells Miguel about the mysterious Roberto. Mónica suspects that he is Luna's biological father, but their conversation is interrupted by Rey, who tells them that he, Tino and Cato will be going to Mexico.

Jim tells Nico that they can only be friends, and he then sees her with Ramiro and assumes that they're together. But Jim's heart is crushed as well when Ramiro tells her that the video was meant for Yam, and that he only wanted to meet her to ask her for advice on how to whoo Yam over.

Tamara tells Luna that they need to talk, and Luna assumes that she's in trouble for practising her skate moves while at work. But on the contrary, Tamara has good news for Luna: she and Simón are back in the skating competition!


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Paula Kohan and Caro Ibarra were absent.

Recurring Cast

  • Javier Rodriguez as Teacher
  • Matías Strafe as Teacher

Songs Featured


  • Both Jim and Nico are left heartbroken after this episode.


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