Episode 24, also known as Una verdad salio a la luz, sobre ruedas (A Truth Came to Light, on Wheels), is the twenty-fourth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 14, 2016.


Luna is left with no choice but to fulfil Ámbar's ultimatum, but will Simón have any say in the matter? Meanwhile, Delfina comes up with a devious plan to get Gastón to fall for her.


Ámbar tells Luna that she won't tell her godmother about Simón living in their basement, on one condition: she has to give up her place in the skating competition.

Delfina suspects that Gastón is RollerTrack when she hears him singing "Un destino", a song that RollerTrack quoted in one of his comments. She and Jazmín later confirm it at school, and film the whole thing. Matteo sees them and asks them what they're doing, but Ámbar arrives just in time to save them by accusing Matteo of not trusting her.

Jim and Yam are out walking in the park when they run into Ramiro and his dog, Ritmo, again. Ramiro boasts about how his dog knows a lot of tricks and is very obedient, but Ritmo proves him wrong by sticking his head into Yam's bag and eating her food, much to Ramiro's embarrassment.

Ámbar, Delfina, Yam and Jim have to work together for the next Open Music, but Ámbar quickly takes control and decides to use "Mírame a mí" as their song. However, Luna derails her plans when she announces that she has joined and will sing with them. But in the end their voices work well together, and for once they don't argue. The boys aren't so lucky; Matteo fights with Simón after he realises that he will have to sing alongside him.

Delfina emails Gastón pretending to be FelicityForNow and asks him to meet her in the park, where she lies and tells him that she was FelicityForNow all along. Meanwhile, back at Jam & Roller, Jazmín asks Simón to teach her how to sing in time for the next Open Music. But little does Simón know that he has bigger problems to contend with, because Luna is about to tell Tamara that they're pulling out of the skating competition.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Lucila Galdolfo, David Muri, Paula Kohan, Ezequíel Rodriguez, and Caro Ibarra were absent.

Guest Cast

  • Patricia Calisaya

Songs Featured


  • Ramiro tried to ask Yam out in this episode.


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