Episode 25, also known as Una amenaza, sobre ruedas (A Threat, on Wheels), is the twenty-fifth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 15, 2016.


It's almost time for the "Boys vs Girls" Open Music! But will Ámbar succeed in getting rid of Luna? Meanwhile, Gastón falls for Delfina, but he doesn't realise that she is lying about being FelicityForNow. On a brighter note, a mysterious star comes to Jam & Roller!


Tamara doesn't accept Luna's decision to leave the skating competition and tells her to think about it again and tell her tomorrow. Meanwhile, Gastón doesn't believe Delfina when she says that she's FelicityForNow, but by quoting some of her posts and showing him the email she sent him she manages to sway him over.

Simón is alarmed when Tamara tells him about what Luna said, and he asks Nina if she knows anything. Nina is reluctant to reveal Luna's secret, but Simón eventually gets it out of her and she tells him about Ámbar's threat. Simón confronts Luna about it later and tells her that he won't let her pull out of the skating competition because of him.

The next morning, Delfina and Jazmín are at the Benson house having breakfast with Ámbar. Ámbar tells them about the dress she picked out for the upcoming Open Music, and how all of the group members will have to wear green. She messages Jim and Yam to tell them this, but doesn't message Luna, in a bid to avoid her participation at Open Music.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Tino and Cato are supposed to be working and finding out information about Sol's whereabouts, but instead they waste time sightseeing and going to restaurants. At the same time, Ricardo gives skating another go and practises with Tamara at Jam & Roller. On his way home, Ana and Mora spot him, and they can't quite believe that he has taken up a sport.

Just before Open Music starts, Jazmín tells the girls that she wants to sing with them. Ámbar and Delfina say that it's a bad idea, but Luna, Yam and Jim encourage her and promise to teach her the choreography and lyrics in time. Ámbar and Delfina then ask who will film the show for Fab & Chic, and Jazmín introduces Sebastián Villalobos: a famous YouTuber who will record the show for them and raise the blog's popularity.

Open Music is about to start, but Nico, Pedro and Simón can't find the USB stick with their "Invisibles" video on it. They are about to cancel the performance when Nina saves the day and gives them another copy of the video to play. The video is well-received by the crowd, and the girls are about to go on when Luna realises that everyone else is wearing green and she isn't. Ámbar tells her that everyone was sent a message telling them to wear green, and Luna can't sing with them if she doesn't match.


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  • Javier Piña Rosales

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  • This is the first time that Sebastián Villalobos appears in an episode.
  • Ana and Mora return from a six episode absence.
  • This is the second episode where all main characters appear.


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