Episode 26, also known as Chicos vs Chicas, sobre ruedas (Boys vs Girls, on Wheels), is the twenty-sixth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 18, 2016.


The third Open Music is about to kick off, but will Luna be ready in time? She has bigger problems to contend with however, because Ámbar is about to let the cat out of the bag and tell Sharon about Simón living in the basement. Meanwhile, Gastón starts getting suspicious about whether Delfina really is FelicityForNow.


With help from Nina, Luna finds some green bracelets, ribbon and badges to add to her outfit so she can compete in the Open Music. The event is a huge success, apart from a small hiccup due to a fight between Matteo and Simón, which was luckily stopped in time by Luna. Afterwards, Matteo gets into more trouble when he picks a fight with Sebastián over his flirtation with Ámbar, but she calms him down before things get too heated.

Later, Luna tells her parents the truth about Simón living in their basement. They tell her that they'll find a solution together, and that she doesn't have to leave the skating competition.

The next day, Gastón messages FelicityForNow, thinking that he's talking to Delfina, but her responses confuse him. He confronts her about her mood changes, but she manages to blow it off, for now. Over in Mexico, Tino and Cato are about to go back to Argentina, having found very little information on Sol Benson. Instead, they buy several bags of souvenirs, including a portrait that Cato says is exactly like Amanda.

Later, Luna practices for the skating competition at Jam & Roller. Ámbar and Matteo are about to start practising as well when Ámbar spots Luna. She angrily asks Luna why she hasn't left the competition like she said she would, and Luna tells her that Simón is leaving the basement and that Ámbar won't tell her what to do. But little does Luna know that Simón's escape was hampered by Amanda coming in to clean, and that he's still trapped in the basement. Ámbar quickly takes a taxi to the house and tells Sharon about Simón. Sharon is furious and goes to look in the basement, saying that if what Ámbar says is true, Luna and her parents will be sent back to Mexico immediately. Simón is finally about to leave, but he suddenly hears Sharon and Ámbar advancing towards the basement, blocking his way out.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Paula Kohan, Ezequíel Rodriguez, and Caro Ibarra were absent.

Recurring Cast

  • Sebastián Villalobos as himself
  • Matías Strafe as Photography Teacher
  • Javier Rodriguez as Theater Teacher
  • Gastón Cirelli as Security Man

Guest Cast

  • Pablo Gershanik as Portrait Draftsman

Songs Featured


  • This can considered be a Sitteo episode.
  • All of the girls wore coordinated outfits with gold high heels and emerald green clothes for their Open Music performance.


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