Episode 27, also known as Un nuevo hogar para Simón, sobre ruedas (A new home for Simón, on wheels), is the twenty-seventh episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 19, 2016.


Simón is about to leave the cellar, but Sharon and Ámbar are nearly there. Will he get out in time? Meanwhile, Tino and Cato have a problem in Mexico, and Ricardo continues in his attempts to win Tamara over.


Sharon sends a member of her security team into the cellar to check if Simón is there. But when he comes back, he says that the cellar is empty, much to Ámbar's anger. Sharon then chastises Ámbar for wasting her time, even though she swears she saw Simón in the cellar. Luna sees them talking, but she can't hear them and doesn't know whether Simón is safe or not.

Luna is worried about Simón, but her parents tell her to trust him and to act normal in case Sharon notices. Later, Simón goes to Jam & Roller with his guitar and suitcase. He has nowhere to go and he asks Nico and Pedro for help. Luna then enters Jam & Roller and spots him. She's relieved to see him, but when she sees him carrying his belongings she immediately thinks he's going back to Mexico and begs him not to go. Simón laughs and tells her that Pedro and Nico have a spare room in their apartment, and he can stay with them. Luna is happy that he found a place to stay, but also a little sad about him leaving her house.

Meanwhile, Sebastián and Ámbar are planning on making a music video for "Mírame a mí". They talk about it at the Benson mansion, where Ámbar gives Sebastián a folder full of ideas for the video. Sebastián then flirts with Ámbar, assuring her that everything will be perfect.

Back in Mexico, Cato and Tino go to the airport to catch their flight to Buenos Aires. But when they get there, they are told that they have missed their flight, and will have to purchase tickets on another one. They don't have enough money for this, so they decide to call Rey, but they don't remember the phone's security code. This means that they are stuck in Mexico, with no way back to Buenos Aires.

At the Benson house, Luna dreams about skating at Jam & Roller and losing her moon necklace again. When she wakes up, she sees Ámbar waiting by her bed. Ámbar is angry and asks Luna why she betrayed her and went back on their agreement. Luna tells her that a real friend wouldn't have asked her to leave the skating competition, and says that she doesn't want to have any problems with Ámbar.

The next day, at Blake South College, Nina is upset because RollerTrack hasn't spoken to her for a while. Luna tries to comfort her, but things are made worse when Gastón and Matteo walk past them and they hear Gastón talking about his relationship with Delfi. Luna asks Nina whether she likes RollerTrack or Gastón, and she says it's the same - both aren't talking to her.

Later, Ricardo shows up at Jam & Roller, under the pretense of picking up Nina. He unexpectedly runs into Ana, and panics, faking a phone call to avoid her. He then speaks to Tamara, and talks her into letting him bring her home. On the way, Tamara hears heavy metal music coming from his phone. She tells him that she loves that type of music, and Ricardo tells her that he does too in a bid to win her over, but when Tamara realizes where the conversation is going she says she has to go back to Jam & Roller to get something, and leaves Ricardo.

Back at the roller rink, Simón and Luna are practicing for the competition. Ámbar sees them and tries to dissuade them by telling them that their moves are very basic, and that they don't have a chance in the competition. Simón sticks up for Luna, but just as Ámbar is telling them to pull out of the competition, Matteo comes over and hears her. He confronts Ámbar about what she means, but Luna saves her by making up an excuse just in time.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Jorge López and Paula Kohan were absent.

Recurring Cast

  • Sebastián Villalobos as himself
  • Mario Moscoso as Jeweler
  • Angelica Vargas as Airport Employee
  • Gastón Cirelli as Security Man

Songs Featured


  • Simón leaves the Benson house in this episode.
  • Simon tries to kiss Luna at the end of this episode.
  • Ramiro was absent in this episode.
  • Ámbar and Sebastián are seen to be flirting in this episode, althought later their short-lived relationship ends.


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