Episode 28, also known as ¿No se dio cuenta de que te amo?, sobre ruedas, is the twenty-eighth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 20, 2016.


The music video for "Mírame a mí" is filmed and premiered at Jam & Roller, and Nina finds out that she has an imposter. Meanwhile, Simón tries to get closer to Luna, while Sebastián is smitten with Ámbar, driving Matteo mad with jealousy.


Simón and Luna nearly kiss, but Luna pulls away at the last second. She quickly makes up an excuse and tells Simón that they have to train, so they return to the rink. Meanwhile, Matteo calls Ámbar, who says that she's busy and won't be able to train with him today. Annoyed, Matteo decides to help Luna improve her skating, making Simón jealous.

At the Benson house, Ámbar and Sebastián are about to leave to film the music video when they hear a sneeze. They walk over to the couches and see Jim and Yam hiding. Ámbar angrily asks them what they're doing in her house, and they tell her that they were looking for Sebastián. They then ask to help with the video, and Ámbar reluctantly accepts, provided they keep it a secret.

The next day, the video for "Mírame a mí" is filmed. Everything goes well and Ámbar is pleased, but she wants to officially premiere the video at an exclusive event. Sebastián agrees, and promises to take care of everything.

Later, the RollerBand have an interview with the presenter of a web show. However, Tamara needs one of them to stay behind and look after Jam & Roller, so only two can go to the interview. Nico and Simón go, leaving Pedro to work at the rink. Pedro watches the interview on a computer, but he turns it off halfway through and says that it's a disaster. But he doesn't see the end of the interview, where Simón talks about his inspiration for writing songs, blatantly referring to Luna.

It's nearly time for the premiere of Ámbar's video at Jam & Roller, but Luna is having trouble convincing Nina to go. She tries to revamp Nina's look by giving her some bright and colourful bracelets and necklaces. Nina says it isn't who she is, but she hugs Luna and tells her that she's an amazing friend.

Eventually, Nina agrees and the two of them head to Jam & Roller. The place is packed and everyone is excited to see what Sebastián and Ámbar have in store for them. Ámbar isn't pleased to see Luna though, and she asks her why she's here, and tells her that it's a private event. Tamara overhears this, and tells Ámbar that Jam & Roller is open to everyone, so Ámbar has to drop it.

Sebastián presents the video to the awaiting crowd and it's a huge success. Fab and Chic is already gaining more and more popularity, and Ámbar is delighted. Matteo is not, however. Driven mad with jealousy, he sulks in the lockers, where he finds Yam and Jim's camera. He sees the photo of Ámbar with her arms around Sebastián and decides to break up with her.

Back in the bar, Nina is sitting down, waiting for Luna to return with drinks, when she overhears Delfina saying that she is Felicity to Gastón. She jumps in alarm, but she can't say anything. Meanwhile, Simón has stopped Luna and is about to tell her that when he was talking about his inspiration in the interview, he was referring to her.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode David Muri, Antonella Querzoli, Paula Kohan, and Caro Ibarra were absent.

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Federico Ottone as Web Music Host
  • Paola Traczuk as General Director of Civil Registration
  • Leandro Guglielmone as Web Music Employee

Songs Featured


  • The official video for "Mírame a mí" was shown in this episode.


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