Episode 29, also known as Una confusión de sentimientos, sobre ruedas is the twenty-ninth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 21, 2016.


It seems like Ámbar and Matteo's relationship is over, but will their break-up last? Meanwhile, Luna suffers a setback in her training for the competition, and Nina makes a startling discovery.


After seeing the photo of Ámbar putting a bow-tie on Sebastián, Matteo tells her that he's breaking up with her. He says that they'll continue in the skating competition, but this is the last one. Sebastián interrupts them, much to Matteo's anger, but he gets his own back when he tells him that Ámbar is just using him to increase the popularity of Fab and Chic.

Meanwhile, Nina tells Luna about what she heard Delfina saying. Luna tells her that she has to tell Gastón the truth, but Nina refuses. However, she agrees to send him a message from Felicity's account. Back at the Benson house, Amanda is looking at a photo of Cato. Mónica and Miguel come in and Amanda quickly hides the photo, but they already spotted it. Amanda blows it off and tells them that she's just a little worried about her work colleague, and they agree and Miguel asks Rey about it. But Rey avoids the question and tells them to concentrate on their work.

Back at Jam & Roller, Pedro tells Nico and Simón that they have to focus on the band more and prioritise it over the skating competition. They both agree, and they tell Pedro that they're only doing the skating competition for Jim and Luna. Ricardo then interrupts them, asking where Tamara is. The boys tell him that she's not there, and Ricardo asks them to tell Tamara he was looking for her if they see her. After he leaves, the boys laugh at how interested in Tamara he is.

Later, Sharon berates Rey for not making progress in finding her niece. She threatens to hire someone else to do the job if Rey doesn't come through and find Sol.

At Blake South College, another acting class is taking place. Jim begs Ramiro and Yam to let her join their group as she doesn't want to work with Jazmín. Meanwhile, Matteo and Luna can't decide on a script, so the teacher picks one out for them: Romeo and Juliet. After the extracurricular classes are finished, Delfina talks to Gastón and asks him what he thinks of Felicity's next post. He loves it, but he doesn't realise that Delfina stole it from a book. Nina overhears the conversation and finds the book with the quote in it.

After school, Simón, Nico and Pedro are practising and writing the music for "Alas". Luna arrives and asks Simón to train with her for the competition, while Jim arrives and asks the same thing to Nico. They refuse, telling them that they have to practise with Pedro, but eventually they give in, much to Pedro's annoyance.

While Luna and Simón train, Luna tries a risky move and fails, falling over. She hurts her leg and Ámbar calls Tamara, telling her that Luna is injured. Luna wants to continue, but the others make her go home. Nico and Jim don't do any better, and stop training because of their arguments.

Meanwhile, Ámbar goes to the park, where she and Jazmín have prepared a picnic for her meeting with Sebastián. Sebastián comes and believes Ámbar when she says she wants to be with him, but when Matteo arrives and sees them together, he pulls Ámbar to her feet, twirls her around and kisses her in front of Sebastián.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode Diego Sassi Alcalá, Germán Tripel, and Paula Kohan were absent.

Recurring Cast

  • Sebastián Villalobos as himself
  • Javier Rodriguez as Theater Teacher
  • Matías Strafe as Photography Teacher

Songs Featured


  • Ámbar and Matteo kiss in this episode.
  • During a conversation with Nico and Pedro, Simón admits that he is in love with Luna.
  • Luna confesses to Nina that she most likely feels something more than friendship with Simón.


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