Episode 30, also known as Segunda fase de la competencia, sobre ruedas (Second phase of the competition, on wheels), is the thirtieth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 22, 2016.


It's time for the next phase of the skating competition! Will Ámbar and Matteo keep their "King and Queen of the Rink" crowns, or will Simón and Luna get in their way? Meanwhile, Nina tries to stop Delfina's deceit in its tracks, and Jim and Nico argue over training difficulties.


The doctor gives Luna the all-clear to continue skating, but her parents want her to rest and stop training. Luna is adamant that she needs to keep going, but her mother gets her way and Luna rests until the next day.

Back at the park, Sebastián has been made a fool of by Ámbar, and he quickly leaves. Meanwhile, Delfina is mad at Nina for looking through her stuff and tells her to mind her own business. Nina tries to ask her how she's connected to Felicity, but Delfina avoids her questions.

At Jam & Roller, Pedro complains about the band to Tamara. She tells him not to worry and that the competition is nearly over, and then they start talking about Pedro's crush. Pedro tells Tamara that she's one of the girls that come to Jam & Roller, and how she's beautiful and independent. He's about to tell her that he's talking about her, but Nico interrupts them. Nico apologises for leaving the band practise, and suggests a new melody for "Alas".

Meanwhile, Jim practises her skating with Ramiro, and Nico sees them and gets jealous. Nico asks her why she was skating with him, and she says that she needed someone to practise with and Nico was busy.

Later, Luna dreams about skating in the competition again, but this time Matteo is skating with her. Just as they're about to kiss, she wakes up to her mother giving her breakfast in bed. Simón comes to ask her if she's okay, and Luna tells him that she's ready to train.

At school, Gastón tells Matteo about Felicity's next post, but he says that he has heard it before. Matteo looks it up on the Internet and finds out that the phrase was copied from a book. Gastón confronts Delfina about it, but she blows it off again and makes an excuse. Nina gets in the way however, as she later writes a mysterious post about having to open your eyes and follow her footsteps. Gastón sees it and asks Delfina why she wrote it, and she doesn't know what to say.

The next round of the skating competition begins, and Jim and Nico are first up. They skate well, but Nico forgets some of the choreography and they get a low score. Meanwhile, Ámbar tries to scare Luna, reminding her of how she fell last time.


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Note: In this episode Lucila Galdolfo, Rodrigo Pedreira, Paula Kohan, and Caro Ibarra were absent.

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