Episode 31, also known as Y la competencia continua... sobre ruedas (And the competition continues... on wheels), is the thirty-first episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on April 25, 2016.


It's time for the semi-final of the roller skating contest! Who will be the winner and make it to the final?


Luna and Simón skate well and get 35 out of 40 from the judges. They're delighted and hope that they have a chance to win, but Ámbar isn't fazed. She and Matteo also skate well, but a last-minute addition to their routine backfires and loses them precious points, leaving them with a score of 35 from the judges, tied with Simón and Luna. Matteo is worried, but Ámbar tells him that there's no way Luna and Simón will beat them. She is proven wrong, however, because the audience awards Luna and Simón more points and they win the skating competition.

Amanda, Miguel, and Mónica are very proud of Luna and are about to celebrate her win with some drinks and food, but Rey interrupts them and harshly tells them to get back to work.

Meanwhile, back at the skating rink, Nico apologizes to Jim for messing up the routine and causing them to finish last, but Jim tells him not to worry. Ámbar is in shock and won't say a word to anyone, not even Jazmín or Delfina. Eventually, she utters a single word to Matteo, telling him that she's not mad at him. She then goes home and tells Sharon what happened. Sharon tells her it's her own fault, and that she has to be cold and calculating in order to clip Luna's wings. She gives her a plant, telling her to make sure it never grows too high. Ámbar gets the message, and quickly begins scheming against Luna.

She starts by talking to Luna and apologizing for not considering her a rival. She congratulates her on her victory and wishes her good luck, but as usual, she has an ulterior motive.

Back at Jam & Roller, Pedro prepares dinner for Tamara in the hope that she'll go out with him. But when Tamara comes in and sees the food set out, she realizes that Pedro likes her and she leaves. Pedro doesn't see her and is oblivious when Tamara calls him and says that she can't make it back to Jam & Roller. But Nico spots Tamara leaving the rink and tells Pedro, causing him to realize that she left on purpose.

The next day, Gastón and Delfina talk at school. Gastón mentions Delfina's secret identity and she tells him to keep his voice down, not wanting anyone else to think that she's Felicity. But it's too late, as Jim and Yam overhear their conversation. Meanwhile, at the Benson house, Ámbar sneaks into Luna's bedroom to steal her permission slip for the skating competition, but Luna comes in and Ámbar is forced to hide under the bed.


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  • There were no guest or recurring actors featured in this episode.
  • Luna's dream in episode 1 came true in this episode. However, Simón was there and got her necklace back.


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