Episode 78 is the seventy-eighth episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna. It aired on August 24, 2016.






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  • Jim and Ramiro returned to the Jam & Roller Intercontinental Skating Competition team.
  • Yam forgave Ramiro, but she does not want to get back together with him.
  • Simón told Pedro and Nico to find a new guitar player because he believes he can't handle both the band and skating.
  • Luna told Matteo that it would be better if they just remained friends.
  • Delfina told Ámbar that if Ámbar refuses to listen to her opinions, then they shouldn't be friends.
  • Mora told Ricardo that they should stop seeing each other.
  • Tamara told the Intercontinental Skating Competition team that they could no longer compete, due to a complication with the rules, since Mariano helped the team.


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