Sebastián Villalobos is a guest character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. He is a fictionalized version of his portrayer Sebastián Villalobos.


Throughout his time at Jam & Roller, he was extremely nice and kind. He stayed upbeat for most of his visit, and seemed excited to watch an Open Music. He had some run-ins with fans, and would act calm and patient. However, when he was on camera for Fab and Chic he tended to over-exaggerate his emotions a lot. He was also super-confident when it came to girls, and tried to move on Ámbar.


Sebastián is invited to Buenos Aires by Jazmín Gorjesi, who calls him and wants him to help the girls with Fab and Chic. Soon after he arrives at Jam & Roller, he falls in love with Ámbar Smith. Ámbar doesn't reciprocate his feelings, but she realizes that she can use his love for her to her advantage. Ámbar convinces Sebastián to help her make a music video for her song "Mírame a mí." It is filmed at a grand mansion, and is uploaded to Fab and Chic to raise the channel's popularity. Matteo Balsano, Ámbar's boyfriend, becomes jealous of Sebastián and Ámbar's relationship and decides to break up with Ámbar. Ámbar wants to win Matteo back, so she devises a plan and asks Sebastián on a date. On their date, Ámbar tells Sebastián that there is something more between them. As she is talking, Matteo arrives, grabs Ámbar, and gives her a kiss. Ámbar then confesses to Sebastián that she was only using him to increase the popularity of Fab and Chic.



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