Nico and Pedro are my friends. Yes, they're my buddies, we work together at Jam & Roller but... they are especially my brothers.

Simón to Ámbar, Season 2/Episode 44

Sedrico (S/imón, P/edr/o and N/ico) is the friendship pairing of Simón Álvarez, Pedro, and Nicolás. They are best friends and together, they formed a band called Roller Band.


Season 1

Nico and Pedro were already best friends before their meeting with Simón. They lived together and worked at the Jam & Roller, Pedro as a waiter and Nico as the manager of the skating rink.

However, they were in need of a guitar player to perform at an Open Music and when they meet Simón, the latter volunteers to play for them and lets them use his song, "Valiente".[1]

They then decide to form a band which they call "Roller Band" and Simón later moves in with Nico and Pedro.

Throughout the season, the band grows in popularity and their relationship deepens. Nico and Pedro later find out about Simón's crush on his best friend, Luna, and help him win her heart. Pedro and Nico are shown to be very happy when Simón begins dating Luna.

When Simón later breaks up with Luna because he found out she loves someone else and wanted her to be happy, he confides in Nico and Pedro who act like true friends by supporting and comforting him.[2][3]

In the last episode of season one, when the band has to perform and Simón is late because he is participating in the Intercontinental Skating Competition, Nico and Pedro try to win time but they fail to do so. Simón, however, manages to come and they perform the songs "Invisibles", "Valiente" as well as "Vuelo" with Luna.



  • They love singing together.
  • They all work at Jam & Roller.
  • They are all honest and good-hearted.
  • They all have/are dating someone younger than themselves (Simón: Luna; Nico: Jim; Pedro: Delfina).


  • Nico and Pedro are older than Simón.
  • Simón is Mexican while Nico and Pedro are both Argentinean.
  • Pedro has hazel eyes, Nico has green/blue eyes and Simón has brown eyes.
  • Simón and Pedro have brown hair while Nico's hair is light brown.
  • Simón and Nico like to skate and are experienced skaters but Pedro does not consider himself to be an especially good skater.
  • Nico and Pedro had both a crush on Eva but Simón didn't.


  • They first meet in Season 1/Episode 05.[1]
  • They become a band in Season 1/Episode 06.
  • They live in an apartment together.
  • In Season 2/Episode 40, Simón left the band as a result of Nico and Pedro's fighting over a girl named Eva.
  • In Season 2/Episode 44, Simón called Nico and Pedro "his brothers" while talking with Ámbar.[4]
  • They all live together in a big apartment owned and borrowed by Nico's uncle Gary López.


Song - The Sedrico song could be either "Un Destino", "Invisibles", "Linda", "Pienso" or "Alzo Mi Bandera" because they wrote and performed those songs together. The Sedrico song could also be "Valiente" as Simón wrote that song and performed it with Nico and Pedro.[5]

Episode - The Sedrico episode could be Season 1/Episode 05 as Nico and Pedro first met Simón in that episode. It could also be Season 1/Episode 06 as they formed a band in that episode.

Color - The Sedrico color could be brown as they all have brown hair.

Place - The Sedrico place could be the apartment where they live in. The Sedrico place could also be Jam & Roller as they all work there.


Season 1

Season 1/Episode 36

Pedro: [to Nico about the band] We're a band, Nico and much more than that, we're brothers. We won't separate from him.

Pedro: [to Simón] You know you're very important to us as a friend and as a guitarist.

Nico: Absolutely. We three will always be a band.
Pedro: [to Simón] Without its guitarist, the band is not the same.

Season 1/Episode 42

Pedro: [to Nico about Simón] What are we going to do, Nico? Without Simón there's no band. We won't find another guitarist like him.

Nico: Simón was our partner-

Pedro: He still is.

Season 2

Season 2/Episode 44

Simón: [to Ámbar about Nico and Pedro] Nico and Pedro are my friends. Yes, they're my buddies, we work together at Jam & Roller but... most importantly they are my brothers.


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