"Everyone deserves a second chance."

— Simón, Season 2/Episode 43

Simón Álvarez is a main character in the Disney Channel Latin America show Soy Luna. He is portrayed by Michael Ronda.


Simón is sweet and cares about his best friend, Luna, a lot. He is full of jokes and very humble. He has a good heart and is always ready to give words of encouragement and cheer on his friends. His passions are skating, writing songs and playing the guitar.


Season 1

Part 1

He works at Foodger Wheels with his best friend, Luna Valente. When Luna falls into the sign he laughs. When Luna is being yelled at by their boss, he tries to get Luna to laugh to get her into more trouble. He talks to her when she gets inside and she tells him about her dream. Later when Luna tells him she has to move to Buenos Aires, he offers encouraging words and tells her even though it's different and mad, it's also an opportunity. Simón is there to send Luna off, and watches her drive away.

Simón calls Luna in Buenos Aires from the phone in Foodger Wheels. He sings a couple of lines from "Valiente", a song he wrote based on the song Luna heard in her dream. His call gets cut short when his boss walks in on him. After getting caught goofing off many times on the job, he is eventually fired. Since he misses Luna so much, he uses his final paycheck to buy a plane ticket to Buenos Aires.

When Simón arrives in Buenos Aires, he goes to Jam & Roller, trying to find Luna. Luna notices him as soon as he walks in and runs to give him a big hug. He is introduced to Nicolás and Pedro, who are in need of a guitar player. He volunteers to play for them, and lets them use his song "Valiente".

Part 2

Season 2

Part 1

Part 2



Luna Valente

Best friend/Ex-girlfriend
See: Lumón


Simón and Luna have known each other since they were little. They make a great duo since they competed together in the Jam & Roller skating competition. Without knowing that Simón likes her, Luna just does what friends do. Luna may secretly return his affections. Luna cares deeply about him, just like he cares about her too. Luna realises she likes him after getting jealous when she saw him and Daniela kiss. In Season 1/Episode 59, Simón walks in and hears part of a song Luna wrote about him, (Música en ti) but afterwards they argue. After Simón finds out what Daniela is really like, he apologizes to Luna, and they kiss for the first time in Season 1/Episode 60. From that point on, they are a couple. Later, Simón notices that Luna is unsure about their relationship, and he breaks up with her. He realized that she only loved him as a friend and that she had feelings for someone else.


Best friend/Bandmate
See: Simico


Simón and Nico are best friends. They are in a band together along with Pedro. They both work at Jam & Roller. Nico has picked up on Simón's crush on Luna and helps him win her heart.


Best friend/Bandmate
See: Pedrimón

PedroYSimon (2)

Pedro and Simón are best friends. They are in a band together along with Nico. They both work in Jam & Roller and in food service.

Matteo Balsano

Friend/Former rival/Bandmate
See: Sitteo

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Simón and Matteo used to be rivals as they both wanted to win Luna's heart. However, their relationship changed in the last episodes of Season 1 as Simón helped Luna and Matteo come together after realizing that Luna was in love with Matteo, and they started recognizing the other as a good person. Through Season 2 they, although still quarreling and arguing, started to understand and tolerate the other better. Finally, in the third season, they got closer, to the point where Simón invited Matteo to join the Roller Band, and they started supporting each other and consider themselves good friends.


Jazmín Carvajal

See: Jazmón


Jazmín has a crush on Simón but he is unaware of this. Simón helps Jazmín with her singing. In Season 1/Episode 26, Jazmín wanted Simón to sing with her, but he didn't get the hint and Delfina joined her.


See: Simónela


Daniela is Simón's ex-girlfriend. She is introduced as Simón's acquaintance, and soon gets jealous of his closeness to Luna. In Season 1/Episode 50, Simón and Daniela share their first kiss. Simón breaks up with Daniela when he realizes what she is really like.

Ámbar Smith

See: Simbar


In Season 2, thinking Ámbar has changed for the better, Simón befriends her and they gradually grow closer. They almost kiss in Season 2/Episode 51, Season 2/Episode 55 and Season 2/Episode 67. Simón later confesses to Luna that he feels something strong for Ámbar while the latter keeps denying her feelings for Simón. They finally share their first kiss in Season 2/Episode 70 and begin dating. However, in Season 2/Episode 72, Simón breaks up with her after discovering that she was the one who started the fire on Jam & Roller.


  • He can play the guitar, as well as many other instruments.
  • Simón is a member of the Roller Band, along with Nico and Pedro.
  • He is an experienced songwriter, and has written songs such as "Valiente", "Eres", "Siempre juntos", "Cuenta conmigo", "Yo quisiera", "Andaremos" and "Tiempo de Amor".
  • His roller skates are similar to Luna's, in that opposite wheels are opposite colors.
  • He is often seen wearing a beanie.
  • He sang the song "Música en ti" at Ámbar's birthday party.
  • He has been a music teacher to both Jazmín and Ámbar.
  • He dislikes heavy metal.[1]
    • His favorite music genre is pop.[1]
  • His favorite Mexican dish is cochinita pibil.[1]
  • He currently lives in an apartment with Nico and Pedro.
  • He is a fan of the Underwheels.
  • He has a grandmother back in Cancún.
  • He snores while sleeping.
  • In Season 2/Episode 19, Luna mentioned that his favorite dessert is "Tres leches cake" (lit. "Three milk cake), which is a sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk.
  • He, along with Luna, Ámbar, Jazmín, Pedro and Nina, is one of the main characters to appear in all of the episodes of the series.


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