Simbar (Sim/ón and Ám/bar) is the acquaintance pairing of Simón Álvarez and Ámbar Smith.

For the off-screen pairing of Michael Ronda and Valentina Zenere, see Michaentina.

Other NamesEdit

  • Amón (Am/bar and Sim/ón)


Season 1Edit

Ámbar and Simón meet when Luna introduces Simón to Ámbar, who pretends to befriend him. Throughout the season, they show a slight dislike for each other because of their opposing feelings for Luna.

In Part 2, Ámbar tries to convince Simón that Luna loves Matteo and not him. They will compete as part of final group for the Intercontinental Skating Competition together.




  • Simón is Mexican, while Ámbar is Argentinean.
  • Ámbar is a bad person, but Simón is a good person.
  • Simón loves Luna, but Ámbar hates her.
  • Ámbar loves Matteo, but Simón does not get along with him.
  • Ámbar has blonde hair, but Simón has brown hair.
  • Simón has brown eyes, but Ámbar has blue eyes.



Song - The Simbar song could be Prófugos, since Simón left his home country for Luna, and Ámbar sings that song with Matteo. The song is about leaving a place for love, something they both would do for the people they love.

Episode - The Simbar episode could be Season 2/Episode 37 as they danced together in that episode and at the end of the dance, Simón kissed Ámbar's hand. Also, in that episode, both Simón and Ámbar said that they connected well when they skated and danced together. [12]

Color - The Simbar color could be red as it signifies evil (Ámbar) and also love (Simón). The Simbar color could also be blue as they were both wearing something blue when they danced together in Season 1/Episode 69.[6]

Place - The Simbar place could be the rink where they practiced for the International Skating Competition, since that was the first time that they danced together.[4]


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