Ámbar: The only thing I know, Simón, is that when I'm with you, I feel like the world stops... and that nothing else but you and I exists.
Simón: It's the same thing for me, and I don't want this moment to ever end.

Simón and Ámbar, Season 2/Episode 70

Simbar (Sim/ón and Ám/bar) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Simón Álvarez and Ámbar Smith.

For the off-screen pairing of Michael Ronda and Valentina Zenere, see Michaentina.

Other NamesEdit

  • Amón (Am/bar and Sim/ón)


Season 1 Edit

Part 1 Edit

Simón first sees Ámbar when he comes to Jam & Roller for the first time to meet Luna, his best friend. He tells Luna that Ámbar sings really well and is shown to be smitten with her. They formally meet when Luna introduces Simón to Ámbar, who pretends to be glad to meet him.

When Jazmín, one of Ámbar's best friends, shows interest in Simón, Ámbar gets angry and tells Jazmín that a guy like Simón is not good enough for her since he comes from a lower social background than them.

Part 2 Edit

When Simón and Luna begin dating, Ámbar tries a couple of times to make Simón jealous by telling him that Luna and Matteo are in love, but eventually fails. However Simón does notice that Luna feels something for Matteo and breaks up with her as he wants her to be happy.

Season 2 Edit

Part 1 Edit

At the beginning of Season 2, Ámbar makes Simón think that she has changed into a better person.

When Juliana, the new rink manager, comes and has to form a team for the Roda Fest, both Simón and Ámbar make it to the final team. Juliana pairs them up together and Simón and Ámbar later confess to their respective friends that they connected well when they skated together.

Part 2 Edit

When Ámbar realizes that Luna and Matteo's couple is growing in popularity, she gets jealous and decides to use Simón to get information about Luna so that she can later destroy her. She befriends Simón and asks him to be her music teacher for the Open Music Solistas and Simón, thinking Ámbar has changed for the better, agrees to help her.

Simón and Ámbar gradually grow closer which causes a strain in Jazmín and Ámbar's relationship since Jazmín likes Simón and is jealous of his closeness to Ámbar.

While helping Ámbar rehearse for the Open Music Solistas, Simón confesses to her that he feels a little low because he misses being in the band with Nico and Pedro. Ámbar then comforts him and tells him that a little change is good because then, he will be able to go further in life.

During another rehearsal, Simón tells Ámbar that the lyrics of her song, "Catch Me If You Can" are beautiful and she seems touched by his words. Ámbar then proposes that they go out to have some fresh air and Simón accepts.

When Jazmín does Ámbar a horrible make-up for the Open Music, Ámbar tells Simón that she will not go on stage. Simón then tells her that it's hard that something does not make her beautiful and encourages her to go perform. They share their first hug and Jazmín sees them. When Simón leaves, Jazmín asks Ámbar whether she likes Simón and Ámbar replies that she doesn't.

After Simón and Matteo are announced to be the only finalists of the Open Music, Ámbar tells Simón that she will help him win the prize and Simón calls her a good friend.

Simón and Ámbar grow even more closer, especially when Ámbar finds out that her godmother has been lying to her. Ámbar feels betrayed and Simón consoles her after which they sing "¿Cómo me ves?" together. They hug and Ámbar leaves soon after, surprising Simón.

The following day, Simón thanks Ámbar for helping him in winning the prize. He notices that something is wrong with Ámbar and the latter confides in Simón. He comforts her by telling her that she isn't alone and that he will help her get through this hard time. They share a hug and almost kiss but Jazmín interrupts them.

They almost kiss again twice but are always interrupted.

When Luna asks Simón if he likes Ámbar, he replies that he does feel something strong for her, while Ámbar keeps denying that she can feel something for Simón and keeps reminding herself that he is a part of her plan to destroy Luna.

But when they later go on a date together, Ámbar confesses to Simón that when she's with him, she feels like the world stops, and Simón replies that he feels the same way. He then pulls her closer to him and they share a passionate kiss. They begin dating but just when Ámbar realizes that she has actually fallen in love with Simón, he finds out that she was the one who started the fire on Roller's rink, and, feeling betrayed, he breaks up with her.




  • Simón is Mexican, while Ámbar is Argentinean.
  • Ámbar is a bad person, but Simón is a good person.
  • Simón loves Luna, but Ámbar hates her.
  • Ámbar used to love Matteo, but Simón does not get along with him.
  • Ámbar has blonde hair, but Simón has brown hair.
  • Simón has brown eyes, but Ámbar has blue eyes.


  • Their official ship name, "Amón", was confirmed on the official Soy Luna Facebook Page. Before this post, many fans had already been calling this ship "Simbar", with almost no evidence of fans ever calling the ship "Amón".[1]
    • Michael Ronda, however, confirmed their ship name to be "Simbar" by posting a photo of him and Valentina Zenere on his Facebook Page, and captioning it with the ship name "Simbar".[2]
  • This ship is known as "Ambron" in the French dub.
  • Simón and Ámbar first met in Season 1/Episode 06.[3]
  • They first danced together in Season 1/Episode 38.[4]
  • In Season 1/Episode 65, Simón called Ámbar the most popular girl of Jam & Roller.[5]
  • They danced together in Season 1/Episode 69.[6]
  • In Season 1/Episode 70, Ámbar told Matteo that she preferred to dance with Simón.[7]
  • In Season 2/Episode 02, Ámbar called Simón to ask about Luna.[8]
  • In Season 2/Episode 04, Simón told Ámbar that she had changed and called her "Señorita Ámbar".[9]
  • In Season 2/Episode 37:
    • Simón and Ámbar were skate partners.[10][11]
    • Delfina said that Simón and Ámbar made a great couple.
    • Both Simón and Ámbar said that they connected well when they skated and danced together.[12]
    • Jazmín hopes that Simón and Ámbar are a couple only as skate partners.
    • Jazmín uses term "Simbar" for the first time.
    • Luna makes allusions to Simón and Ámbar's relation.
  • In Season 2/Episode 43:
    • Simón and Ámbar became friends, and Simón agreed to help Ámbar practice for the Open Music Solistas.[13]
    • Ámbar sang "Catch Me If You Can" to Simón and Jazmín got jealous.[14]
  • In Season 2/Episode 45, Simón called Ámbar "pretty" and told her that the lyrics of her song, "Catch Me If You Can" were beautiful, and she seemed touched by his words.[15]
  • In Season 2/Episode 46:
    • Simón kissed Ámbar's hand.[16]
    • Simón and Ámbar shared their first hug.[17]
    • Ámbar winked at Simón while singing "Catch Me If You Can".[18]
  • Simón called Ámbar "a good friend" in Season 2/Episode 47[19] and Season 2/Episode 51.[20]
  • In Season 2/Episode 51:
  • In Season 2/Episode 54, Simón told Ámbar she is a very competitive girl which she acknowledged.[23]
  • In Season 2/Episode 55, they almost kissed.[24]
  • In Season 2/Episode 57, Simón hugged Luna and Ámbar got jealous.[25]
  • In Season 2/Episode 58, Ámbar got jealous upon seeing Simón with Sabrina Carpenter.[26]
  • They shared their fourth hug in Season 2/Episode 61.[27]
  • In Season 2/Episode 67:
    • Ámbar called Simón her only friend.[28]
    • Ámbar invited Simón to watch a movie.[28]
    • They almost kissed.[28]
  • They shared their first kiss in Season 2/Episode 70.[29]
  • In Season 2/Episode 73, Ámbar told Simón she loves him.[30]


Song - The Simbar song could be "Catch Me If You Can" as Ámbar sang it to Simón in Season 2/Episode 43.[14] The Simbar song could also be "¿Cómo Me Ves?" since they sang it together at the Roller Jam Gala in Season 2/Episode 51.[21]

Episode - The Simbar episode could be Season 2/Episode 37 as they danced together in that episode and at the end of the dance, Simón kissed Ámbar's hand.[11] Also, in that episode, both Simón and Ámbar said that they connected well when they skated and danced together.[12] The Simbar episode could also be Season 2/Episode 43 as they befriended each other in that episode and Simón agreed to become Ámbar's music teacher for an Open Music.[13][14] Another Simbar episode could be Season 2/Episode 46 since they shared their first hug in that episode.[17] Season 2/Episode 51, Season 2/Episode 55 and Season 2/Episode 67 could also be Simbar episodes as they almost kissed in these episodes.[20][24][28] Season 2/Episode 70 is also a Simbar episode since they finally share their first kiss in that episode.[29]

Color - The Simbar color could be red as it signifies evil (Ámbar) and also love (Simón).[31] The Simbar color could also be blue as they were both wearing something blue when they danced together in Season 1/Episode 69.[6]

Place - The Simbar place could be the park where they shared their first kiss.[29] Another place could be the rink where they practiced for the International Skating Competition, since that was the first time that they danced together.[4]


Season 1Edit

Season 1/Episode 06

Simón: [about Ámbar] She sings really well.

Season 1/Episode 65

Simón: [to Ámbar] It surprises me that the most popular girl of the Roller wants to talk with me.

Season 2Edit

Season 2/Episode 04

Simón: [to Ámbar] How you have changed, Miss Ámbar.

Season 2/Episode 37

Delfina: [to Ámbar] With Simón you make a great couple.
Ámbar: [about her and Simón] We connect incredibly. We understand each other when we skate together.

Season 2/Episode 43

Ámbar: [to Simón] You're a very good friend. You're always ready to help others.

Season 2/Episode 44

Ámbar: [to Simón] You know you can count on me.

Season 2/Episode 45

Simón: And now I'm alone.

Ámbar: No, you're not alone. You're with me.

Season 2/Episode 46

Simón: [to Ámbar] It's very difficult that something does not make you beautiful.

Season 2/Episode 47

Simón: I'm sure that behind this look, there's an Ámbar that few people know.
Ámbar: Maybe. But not everyone is able to see her.
Simón: I can.

Ámbar: I'm glad you do.
Simón: [to Ámbar] You're a good friend.

Season 2/Episode 51

Simón: [to Ámbar] You're not alone.

Season 2/Episode 55

Ámbar: [to Simón] Why are you so nice to me?

Season 2/Episode 57

Ámbar: [to Simón] It makes me feel really good to know that you are near me.

Season 2/Episode 67

Ámbar: [about Simón] I have only one friend but he's the best.
Simón: [to Ámbar] You have the most beautiful eyes I've seen in my life.

Ámbar: It's like... you would light up...

Simón: path?
Simón: [about Ámbar] I can't deny that I feel something strong for her.
Ámbar: [to herself] Simón is yours, there's no doubt.

Season 2/Episode 70

Simón: [to Ámbar] You're not even gone and I already feel like seeing you.
Ámbar:[to Simón] When I'm with you, I feel different, I feel at peace.

Ámbar: The only thing I know, Simón, is that when I'm with you, I feel like the world stops... and that nothing else but you and I exists.

Simón: It's the same thing for me, and I don't want this moment to ever end.

Season 2/Episode 72

Ámbar: [to herself about Simón] You're in love with him. Simón is the best thing that happened to you in life.
Simón: [to Ámbar] I gave my heart to you, I trusted you but you didn't.

Season 2/Episode 73

Simón: I thought that you really felt something for me.

Ámbar: I never lied about what I felt for you. At first, when I grew closer to you, I felt, I don't know, strange and different. But afterwards, it changed, everything changed, I changed. You have to believe me Simón. I love you.
Simón: [to Ámbar] Don't tell me you love me because it's not true.

Ámbar: Simón, never in my life did I think I'd be feeling something like what I feel for you.

Simón: How can you talk about love when you're so full of hate?

Ámbar: Simón, please don't leave me. If you're not by my side, everything becomes dark, ugly, and I know, Simón, that I can't be without you. I need you. Please.

Simón: I cannot trust you anymore, Ámbar.


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